How much does knee replacement surgery cost?

knee replacement surgery cost in hindi

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure during which surgeons take out the damaged or worn part of the knee and fit a prosthetic part in its place. This surgery is performed by an experienced and skilled Orthopedic Surgeon.

Usually, when the mobility of the knee decreases and it becomes difficult to move or get up, doctors suggest knee replacement surgery. One knee in big cities of India knee replacement surgery The cost can range from about Rs 180000 to Rs 220000.

But this is not the final cost of knee surgery. This can change, as the cost of a knee operation depends on many factors. Following are the factors that affect the cost of knee replacement surgery.

01. Severity of the situation

Knee surgery is done for many reasons including osteonecrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bone tumor in the knee joint, injury to the knee joint, long term knee pain Occurrence or fracture etc.

Why you are having your knee operation can largely determine the cost of the procedure. Because knee replacement surgery can be done both partially or completely and it completely depends on the severity of the knee condition.

02. Doctor’s Experience

knee surgery It should be done only by an experienced and skilled Orthopedist. Usually the doctor who has more experience, his fees are much higher than the doctor who has less experience.

The experience and credibility of the doctor you choose can play an important role in deciding the cost of knee replacement surgery. The knee is one of the most important parts of your body. All the weight of your body is on your knees.

If you want to walk and get up and down without facing any problem, then your knee needs to be healthy. But if you have a serious knee problem, you can also be permanently handicapped. So you should try your best to choose an experienced and reliable doctor for knee replacement surgery.

03. City

The cost of knee surgery can vary greatly depending on the city. Which city you choose to have your knee replacement in can also affect the cost of your knee replacement surgery. Generally, the cost of knee replacement surgery is less in smaller cities as compared to big cities.

04. Reliability of the Clinic

Every clinic has its own identity. The clinic’s credibility with the public in which your knee surgery is being performed can also play an important role in deciding the cost of knee surgery.

The clinic which is trusted among the people and has a better track record in knee replacement surgery, the cost of this surgery is higher. Because there the success rate of surgery is also high.

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05. Insurance

Insurance is covered in some clinics and not in some. With the help of insurance, the out-of-pocket cost of knee replacement surgery can be reduced to a great extent. If the clinic you choose covers the cost of knee replacement surgery with health insurance, then it can be beneficial for you.

06. Free Facilities

There are many clinics which provide free facilities like pick up and drop facility to their patients on the day of knee replacement surgery. You can talk about the facilities available at the clinic where you are going to have your operation. With the help of these facilities, the cost of your knee surgery is reduced.

07. Probe

Before knee replacement surgery, doctors suggest the patient to undergo some tests such as X-ray, MRI and echocardiogram to find out the main causes and severity of knee pain or discomfort.

The cost of these tests also adds to the cost of your surgery. Some clinics also offer a discount of up to a percentage of the cost of pre-surgery tests.

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08. Hospitalization

Patients usually require hospitalization for 4-6 days after knee replacement surgery. But it also depends on the overall health of the patient. Some people may take less than this and some may take longer. The cost of hospitalization also eventually adds to the cost of your surgery.

09. Medicines

After knee replacement surgery, doctors prescribe certain medications to the patient so that the pain is minimized and recovery can be quick. The cost of these drugs can also affect the cost of your knee operation.

10. Follow-up Meeting

After you are discharged from the hospital, you need to have follow-up meetings with your doctor at intervals of 2-4 days for a few weeks so that the doctor can confirm that you are recovering well.

In some clinics the post-surgery follow-up meeting is free of cost, while in some additional fees have to be paid.

All the above mentioned points play a big role in deciding the overall cost of knee replacement surgery. If you want to estimate the cost of knee surgery, then you can take the help of the above points.

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If you are looking for cost effective knee replacement surgery at the top rated clinic in your city. Pristine Care can contact. Knee replacement surgery is performed in our clinic with modern and advanced technology. This surgery is performed by an experienced, skilled and reliable Orthopedist.

Our orthopedic surgeons have a deep understanding of knee joints and have expertise in knee replacement surgery. These surgeons have performed hundreds of successful knee replacement surgeries so far.

Following are the advantages of having knee replacement surgery in our clinic:-

01. Insurance is covered

All insurances are covered in our clinic. Not only this, you can also claim 100% insurance. If you have health insurance, then you can also reduce your out of pocket expenses with its help.

02. Free pickup and drop facility

On the day of knee replacement surgery, we provide free pick up and drop facility to the patients (pick up and drop the patient from home to clinic before surgery and drop them back home from clinic after the surgery) so that there is no movement of the patient. Do not face trouble.

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03. Upto 30% Off On All Inquiries

We also offer patients up to 30% off on all pre-surgery tests. This makes knee replacement surgery cost-effective for the patient.

04. Free Follow-up Meeting Facility

We also provide our patients with the facility of free follow-up meeting with the doctor for a few days after the surgery. After Knee Replacement Surgery, if you have any kind of problem or any question in your mind, then you can feel free to talk to your doctor and you will not need to pay any extra fee for this.

If you are suffering from knee pain or conditions and want to get permanent treatment at the best clinic in your city without any hassle then contact us now. To contact us, you can call the mobile number given above or share the patient details through the Book Appointment section. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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