Own the last iPod Nano? Apple now considers it ‘vintage’

The seventh-generation iPod Nano has been added to the Vintage and Obsolete Products list. The iPod Nano joins the ranks of the iPod Classic, the fifth-generation iPod Touch and the fourth-generation iPod Shuffle as part of the company’s vintage products category.

Simply put, vintage products are those that have not been sold for more than 5 years. That being said, the seventh-generation iPod Nano is still eligible to receive repairs from both Apple and third-party service providers. But once, a product reaches the seven-year mark it is considered “obsolete”.  This means the product will no longer be eligible for repairs.

The history of iPod Nano

Apple first announced the iPod Nano in September 2005. The first-generation model iPod Nano featured a 1.5-inch colour screen and a scroll wheel similar to the iPod Classic. Thanks to its small size and familiar interface, the Nano became an instant hit.

A year later, Apple introduced the second-generation iPod Nano. The new model came in a colorful new anodized aluminum case. In 2007, Apple launched the third-generation iPod Nano in a new design language. The big highlight of the third-generation iPod Nano was that it could play videos on its 2-inch 320×240 display.

iPod Nano, Apple iPod Nano, iPod Nano 7th gen, iPod Nano 7th gen vintage, Apple vintage products, iPod vintage The final seventh iPod Nano, which came out in 2015, is now a vintage device.

Between 2008 and 2009, Apple launched the two most successful iPod Nano models. Both had a Candybar design and featured taller displays. Both models were launched in multiple colour options. However, 2009’s iPod Nano also featured a video camera.

But in 2010, the iPod Nano shed the classic scroll wheel and even ditched the ability to play videos. Instead, the square-shaped iPod Nano gained a touchscreen interface that mimics iOS but it wasn’t running iOS. It got so popular that many people used this iPod Nano as a smartwatch.

The seventh-generation iPod Nano was introduced in 2012, featuring the Candybar form factor and a 2.5-inch vertically oriented touchscreen display. It featured a home button and a lightning port. The seven-generation iPod Nano was mildly updated in 2015 by adding three colour options.

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