T-Mobile’s 5Gin moonshine and 5Ginger beer mark Extended Range 5G coverage milestone

Believe it or not, starting tomorrow at 12 pm Pacific, you can buy T-Mobile’s 5G-branded alcohol. Leave it to the Un-carrier to drum up demand for its services with clever marketing ploys, but this one can literally tip you over.

On Thursday June 24 at noon, you can go to T-Mobile5Gin.com, and order a bottle of Ultra Capacity 5Gin ($30 + shipping/taxes), or a six-pack of Extended Range 5Ginger Beer ($10 + shipping/taxes).

Done in partnership with the Heritage Distilling Company, the alcohol will be drunk in celebration of T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G coverage milestone that now blankets more than 300 million people, or, almost all of the US. 

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