Check out the dedicated Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Games Edition in the flesh

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Despite all the controversies surrounding the Olympic Games in Tokyo – the Japanese don’t want them for fear of disease spread, the Olympics Committee insists because of the TV rights money and so on – Samsung still went ahead and made a Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Games Edition, as is its customary thing as an official sponsor several games in a row.

The Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Games Edition is certainly an eyecatcher and a phone that stands out in a crowd, what with the deep blue color and golden accents, as well as with the special insignia on the back depicting the Olympic rings. The phone went on sale at Japanese carriers and it’s now out for us to preview in the flesh.

How much? Well, Samsung sells the Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Games Edition for just $90 more than the regular version, so if you want a unique device that will keep you all set for the next four years, Samsung has you covered. If not, you can still take advantage from Samsung’s ongoing Galaxy Week of sales on the S21 series.

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