Google Fi enables VPN service on Apple’s iPhone

Google Fi enables VPN service on Apple's iPhone

Google Fi has been offering customers a VPN service to protect their data while they’re browsing the internet for quite a while. Unfortunately, the said service was only available to those using Android devices.

Today, Google Fi announced that it’s expanding the VPN service to iPhone. Those using Apple’s smartphone will be happy to know that Fi’s VPN service is included in all the carrier’s plans. It will allow Fi’s customers to stream, browse and download on an encrypted, private connection.

More importantly, the service is meant to protect Fi customers against hackers on unsecured networks, as well as prevent websites from using their IP addresses to track their location. To enable Fi’s VPN service on an iPhone, you’ll have to go to Phone settings, tap Privacy & security, and enable Protect your online activity.

You’ll get a pop-up, so make sure to choose Got it, and then Allow. You will then be required to enter your device passcode or fingerprint. If everything went well, you should see a VPN icon in the status bar when you’re connected.

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