How much does tonsil surgery cost in India?


Tonsils are located on both sides of the human throat, whose job is to prevent external infection from entering the throat and improve the body’s defense system. When there is an infection in the tonsils for some reason, then this condition is called in medical language. tonsillitis is known as.

Due to infection in the tonsils, their size increases and swelling also occurs in them. In most cases, tonsillitis is seen in children of 5-15 years. But it can happen to a person of any age.

A patient suffering from tonsillitis has to face a lot of problems, which include pain and swelling in the throat, bad breath, headache, fever, difficulty in swallowing any object and sore throat etc. are included.

As an initial treatment for this problem, doctors suggest the patient to take certain medicines, make positive lifestyle changes and take steam. But when these are of no use, surgery is used.

tonsillitis treatment The surgery used to do this is called tonsillectomy. Generally, the cost of tonsillectomy surgery in India comes to around Rs 40000-70000. But this is not the final cost of tonsil surgery. This can change as the cost of tonsillitis surgery depends on many factors.

You can get an idea of ​​the estimated cost of this surgery by looking at the Tonsillectomy surgery cost in different cities below.

  • The cost of tonsillectomy surgery in Bangalore is around Rs 44000
  • The cost of tonsillectomy surgery in Hyderabad is around Rs 48000.
  • The cost of tonsillectomy surgery in Mumbai is around Rs 69000.
  • The cost of tonsillectomy surgery in Kolkata is around Rs 70000
  • The cost of surgery in Chennai is around Rs 70000

Following are the factors affecting tonsillectomy surgery:-

01. Type of Surgery

tonsillectomy surgery is done in many ways. In this sense, the cost of tonsillitis surgery may change. Because the cost of every surgical procedure is different. There are three main ways to perform tonsillitis surgery. This includes electrocautery, harmonic scalpel and cold knife dissection.

Which mode of surgery the doctor chooses completely depends on the severity of the condition, the age and overall health of the patient and their budget. You can talk to your chosen doctor or clinic to know the estimated cost of each surgery.

02. Experience of Surgeon

Tonsillectomy surgery is performed by an experienced ENT surgeon. A doctor’s experience can also affect the cost of this surgery. Usually the fees for an experienced ENT surgeon are much higher than that of a surgeon who does not have enough experience.

03. Reliability of the Clinic

Apart from the experience of the surgeon, the credibility of the clinic where you are going to have your surgery towards the people also affects the cost of tonsillitis surgery. Generally, the clinic which is trustworthy towards the people and has a good track record in tonsillectomy surgery, the fees for this surgery are higher as compared to other unreliable and general clinic.

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04. Post-Surgery Hospitalization

Although tonsillectomy is a one-day surgical procedure, in some cases the patient may require hospitalization after the procedure is over. In such a situation, the cost of hospitalization also gets added to the cost of the patient’s surgery, which can affect the overall cost of your surgery.

05. Health Insurance

Health insurance is covered in some clinics while some clinics do not offer this facility. Find out if the clinic you choose has this facility. With the help of your health insurance, you can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses to a great extent, if health insurance is covered in the clinic you choose. Because some percentage of your surgery cost is covered by insurance.

Apart from all this, the cost of tonsillectomy surgery depends on a lot of things including post-surgery medicines and follow-ups meeting with the doctor etc. If you want to know about the estimated cost of tonsillitis surgery, then you can take the help of the above points.

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If you are suffering from Tonsillitis and want to get the best and cost-effective surgical treatment at a top rated clinic in your city. Pristine Care contact them. Our clinics are available in more than 30 cities of the country where modern and advanced surgeries provide permanent treatment for Tonsillitis.

Following are the advantages of having tonsillectomy surgery in our clinic:-

01. Modern Cure

Tonsillitis is treated with modern and advanced surgical procedures in our clinic. You do not have to face any pain or any other kind of trouble during this whole process.

02. Experienced Surgeon

Tonsillectomy surgery at our clinic is accomplished by an experienced and trusted ENT surgeon. Our surgeon has a deep understanding of tonsils and years of experience in modern surgery. These surgeons complete the tonsillitis surgery with complete perfection.

03. Free Pickup and Drop Facility

On the day of tonsils surgery, we provide free pick up and drop facility to our patients (pick up and drop the patient from home to clinic before surgery and drop back home from clinic after the surgery) so that the patient can know about the travel on the day of surgery. Don’t have to worry about anything.

04. 30% Off On All Inquiries

Patients also get up to 30% off on all tests before Tonsillectomy surgery at our clinic. This helps in reducing the cost of surgery for the patient.

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05. Free Follow-ups Meeting

Not only this, we also provide free follow-ups meeting with the doctor for a few days to our patients after the surgery. After surgery, if you have any problems or questions in your mind, you can consult your doctor and you will not have to pay any extra fee for this.

Apart from all this, there are many facilities available in our clinic like covering all insurance, zero cost EMI facility and you can also claim 100% insurance. Contact us if you are looking for the best and cost-effective surgical treatment for Tonsillitis in your city.

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