How to Use the Cross-Generation Share Play Feature on PS5

If you’ve got a PS5, then your PS4-owning friends can play your games with you. Here’s how to make that happen.

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While the PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been available to purchase for several months, many keen players are still struggling to get their hands on a console.

One reason the PS5 is so popular is because of its money-saving features. Backward compatibility means we can play many older games from previous PlayStation console generations on the new console.

PS5 owners can upgrade some PS4 games for free, allowing them to enjoy them in 4K resolution.

April 2021 saw the first major PS5 update released with a new and exciting PlayStation feature called cross-generation Share Play. PS4 owners can now test out their friends’ PS5 games through virtual screen sharing.

How Does Cross-Generation Share Play Work?

To enjoy the benefits of Share Play, you will need to own a PS4 and have a friend or family member that owns a PS5. You require a decent internet connection with a recommended upload speed of at least 2Mbps.

Players must be friends with the PS5 owner, and vice versa, on the PlayStation Network. PS4 owners should ensure they are running system software 2.0 or higher and must be online at the same time as their friend.

PS5 owners can host Share Play for 60 minutes per session and can start a new session when the previous one ends.

Additional Requirements

  • To start Share Play, you must be a PlayStation Plus member.
  • The game you want to play on the PS5 must be available on the visitor’s PlayStation Store.
  • Parental control levels must match the game being played.
  • The visitor’s age must be equal to or higher than the game’s age rating.

Share Play Modes

There are two play modes available when you start Share Play. When you start Share Play, you are the host and the friend who joins you is the visitor.

  1. Visitor Plays as You: You can give your visitor control over your game if you need a helping hand.
  2. Play a game with the Visitor: You can play a game together using local multiplayer, but both the host and the visitor must have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

What Information Can You Share?

When Share Play is in action, you can only share only your game screen and audio can. You can’t share any other screens on your console, and non-game app screens won’t be visible to your friends.

Some games do not support Share Play, and some in-game features or scenes may not be available.

How to Use Cross-Generation Share Play

You can initiate a cross-generation Share Play session with a PS4 or PS5. Here’s how to start a Share Play session.

PS5 share play game base

Press the PS button then select Game Base and select Create Party from the Parties tab.

game base choose friends

Choose the players you want to be in your party chat.

share play voice chat card

Navigate back to the control centre and select the party voice chat card.

share play voice chat party

Select Start Share Screen.

share play screen

Select Start Share Play and choose a player in the voice chat. Invite the player and select the play mode.

How to Join Share Play

When you have invited a player to a Share Play session, they can Join as a Visitor by opening the notification.

If you have already created a party, players can go to the control centre and select the party voice chat card. Here you can select Join as a Visitor.

How to Share Screen on a PS5

You can allow friends or family to watch your game screen via the Screen Share feature.

  1. Go to the control centre.
  2. Select the party voice chat card.
  3. Select Start Share Screen.
  4. Select Stop Share Screen in the party voice chat to end the session.

Now You Know How to Use Share Play on PS5

If you’re yet to get your hands on a PS5, Share Play is a brilliant way to test out some of the latest PS5 games through your lucky friend that managed to bag one.

As long as one person in your friend circle owns a PS5, other players who own a PS4 can still enjoy the benefits through Share Play.

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