Poll: What’s the best iPhone of all time?

Poll: What’s the best iPhone of all time?

Another day, another poll! This one is a biggy, guys! I know some of you might not be very fond of us doing Apple-related content all the time but I assure you that we try to balance things as much as we can.

And we just couldn’t ignore the fact that the iPhone as a device and as an overall experience has influenced practically every major smartphone brand on the planet. Many argue that we have the modern smartphone the way it is now thanks to Apple and the iPhone.

While I personally abstain from such radical opinions, there’s some truth to this. But which model is the best of them all, if there’s such a thing at all?

I admit, my personal experience is quite limited when it comes to iPhone devices – I remember I was pleasantly surprised with the iPhone 5’s design when Apple decided to go metal.

My colleagues tend to flock to the iPhone 4 as their personal favorite – it was a design masterpiece – doing the glass sandwich thing years ahead of its time. The iPhone X started the notch wars (revolution), and to this day people are polarized about this. Let’s not forget the two SE models, some people like them a lot.

So, yeah – vote for the best iPhone of all time, and share your thoughts in the comments below!

The poll will stay up until Monday and after we get our winner, we’ll send a note to Apple saying: “make more like this one, please.” 

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