Apple’s AirPods Pro hit a new all-time low price in crazy (refurbished) deal

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Apple's AirPods Pro hit a new all-time low price in crazy (refurbished) deal

Regularly priced at an arguably excessive $249 (especially considering their advanced age), the best-selling high-end true wireless earbuds in the world have scored plenty of substantial discounts in recent months in both brand-new and refurbished condition.

Unsurprisingly, that crazy attractive bargain didn’t last long, but that’s where Walmart comes in right now, allowing you to pay even less… for refurbished AirPods Pro units. Significantly less, mind you, and in fact, this may well be the greatest deal ever offered by such a major US retailer.

Technically, however, a third-party merchant by the name of VIPOutlet is actually in charge of both sales and shipments here rather than Walmart, but its track record is pretty solid. The warranty conditions are also somewhat unclear, although if other past promotions of this sort are any indication, you should be covered for at least 90 days against major flaws and defects.

Besides, the return policy clearly states that you can get your money back within 30 days of the seller’s delivery if you’re not happy with how your refurb looks or works.

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