Samsung Jet Bot AI+ makes its global debut: Everything we know

Samsung has announced the release of its new robot vacuum cleaner, Jet Bot AI+. The robot vacuum which was first showcased at CES 2021 is making its global debut now. The device will first launch in the US and Europe in June, and then will also be available in Latin American, Southeast Asian and CIS regions during the second half of 2021.

The Jet Bot AI+ is said to be the the world’s first robot vacuum that packs features such as active stereo-type 3D sensor and Intel AI solution.

The active stereo-type 3D sensor is said to allow to device to scan a wide area accurately, to avoid tiny objects on the floor that are not easily detected. The device comes with 3D depth camera, which is said to precisely detect obstacles as small as one centrimetre.

Jet Bot AI+ features Intel AI solution, which powers the device’s object recognition technology. This feature allows the device to recognise objects on the floor including other appliances and furniture. The Jet Bot AI+ is also said to be capable of classifying items.

The smart vacuum cleaner packs a LiDAR Sensor that helps in calculating its location precisely to optimise its cleaning path. Samsung says that the feature is very helpful in dark and low-lit rooms. The company says the vacuum is capable of automatically adjusting its suction power in accordance with the surface it’s cleaning and the amount of dust on it.

The vacuum empties the collected material in a Clean Station, which uses a multi-layered filtration system to trap dirt in a 2.5L dust bag. Samsung says that the bag only needs to be replaced every one to three months. Furthermore vacuum can also be controlled using the SmartThings app on smartphone and also features a mode that will allow users to livestream video images through the app using the front camera.

Samsung Jet Bot AI+ is now available for pre-order for $1,299 from the company’s website if you’re in the US and Canada.

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