Winamp Skin Museum brings over 65,000 skins to the classic media player

If you made the switch from the radio and TV channels to MP3 music back in the 90s and early 2000s, you definitely heard of or used Winamp before more popular tools like the VLC took over, and eventually streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. Winamp quickly became popular back then because of its fast, lightweight nature.

However, for those who love Winamp and still want to use it,  a website called Winamp Skin Museum offers over 65,000 skins for the music player in a searchable database. There are fully interactive skins and can totally transform the look of your Winamp interface.

The skins include some that just look cool, while others come fiction and popular culture. There is a Mountain Dew skin, a Jackie Chan skin, a Mario skin, and even anime-based ones. Installation is as easy as downloading the ‘.wsz’ file and importing it into the Winamp installation directory’s ‘Skins’ folder (Usually C:Program FilesWinampSkins).

Built by Facebook engineer Jordan Eldredge. Back in February, Eldredge trained an ML (Machine Learning) model to “generate Winamp skin screenshots”. “They turned out quite interesting, but not interesting enough to merit the next step: trying to generate actual skins,” he said in a tweet. He later also added more tweets in the thread later. Check it out below.

Eldredge also has a bot that tweets a new Winamp skin every few hours that can be loaded directly into a browser via Webamp. Winamp is also currently available on Windows, MacOS and Android.

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