How to choose the best piles doctor in Delhi

best piles doctor in delhi

Stress, insomnia, constipation, urban lifestyle, constant sitting in a chair are some of the reasons which are helping to increase the number of piles sufferers.

According to statistics about 10 million new patients of piles are being seen every year all over India. This progress is not taking the name of stopping anywhere.

Talking about Delhi, here almost every year…. People suffer from piles. People working in corporate are more prone to piles. Due to sitting in the chair all day, there are problems related to the stomach and the blood circulation in the anus area is not able to be done properly and the veins of the anus area get swollen, which we call piles.

However, there are other factors that make Delhiites more vulnerable to piles. Many reasons can be responsible for the symptoms of piles, like excessive consumption of junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes etc.

Available Methods to Treat Hemorrhoids in Delhi

There are many advanced treatment methods available to treat piles in a metro city like Delhi which are as follows:

  • laser surgery- This is the most famous technique for operating piles. With the help of laser beam, the blood supply is stopped in the swollen veins, which dries up the piles. This is the best technique to treat piles in Delhi.
  • Stapler surgery – A stapler is inserted through a hollow tube into the anus and the tissue affected by the hemorrhoid is stapled. Due to being stapled, the blood flow to the wart stops and piles ends.
  • Open surgery – In a city like Delhi, the old method like open surgery is no longer in existence. However, it may be needed in some severe cases. In this procedure, the doctor takes out the wart with the help of a surgical instrument like knife, blade etc. and leaves the anal area for healing. Hemorrhoids should not be treated with open surgery unless necessary.

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Most of the piles doctors in Delhi opt for laser surgery for the treatment. Because it is a safe procedure, with less side effects and no pain and bleeding for the patient.

Where can I find good piles doctors in Delhi?

Many doctors will be found in every part of Delhi for surgery/treatment of piles. But if you want to get successful treatment from good doctor then you can call us.

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We are Pundrik Vihar,Mangolpuri,Shakurpur,Sector 4,Sultanpuri,Rithala,Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar,Sector 19,Sector 10,Badli,Sector 18,Shivpuri,Raja Vihari,Vasant Dada Nagar,Libaspuri,Jahangirpuri Industrial Area,Bhalswa,Pocket 9 , Pocket 10, Pocket 13, DA Block, Pocket 36, Pocket 46, Pocket 30, Pocket 32, Sector 13, Ramgarh, Sector 17, Adarsh ​​Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar, Haiderpur, Azadpur, Wazirpur, Pitampura, Prashant Vihari, Mukherjee Nagar, Our doctors provide the best treatment for piles to the people of many settlements of Delhi like Jahangirpuri etc.

Keep these things in mind while choosing a piles doctor in Delhi:-

be experienced

There are many doctors in Delhi to treat piles, but with an experienced doctor doing piles surgery, the chances of the surgery being successful are high and the chances of complications are very less. For an inexperienced doctor, the exact opposite is true. Therefore, whenever you choose any doctor for the treatment of piles in Delhi, definitely see his experience.

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Many doctors in Delhi misuse their experience and charge more than they need to treat the patient. While the cost of surgery is not that much. Therefore, before taking an appointment with the doctor, be sure to know about the total cost and IPD fees. Pristyn Care is a well-known clinic in Delhi providing budget treatment with the help of experienced surgeons (above 17 years).

patient review

The behavior of doctors and their staff, facility of clinic, quality of treatment etc. can be measured from the reviews of the patients. For example, if 3 out of 10 patients are saying that the clinic is dirty and 7 patients are rating it as good, then you should select that clinic for treatment.

success rate

Generally, the success rate after the treatment of hemorrhoids should be high. Due to the availability of advanced and modern technology, the success rate of piles surgery should be around 95%. If the success rate of the clinic is close to it, then it is suitable for the treatment. not otherwise! The surgeons at Pristyn Care are well-known in every habitation to treat piles with good success rate in Delhi.

Clinic Location

If the location of the clinic is far away and your health care provider does not provide cab facility, then another good doctor / health care provider should be selected. We provide free cab facility to our patients so that the patient does not face any problem in commuting to the hospital.

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Clinic facilities

Many clinics provide certain facilities to their patients. You can make your surgical journey easier by choosing those clinics.

We provide the following facilities to our patients:

  • free cab facility
  • Up To 30% Off On Diagnostics
  • free insurance paperwork
  • Complete procedure from hospital admission to discharge (free of cost)
  • Free follow-ups after treatment


The above aspects will help in searching for a good piles doctor in Delhi. It is very important to scrutinize some basic things like experience of the doctor, type of surgery, facilities of the clinic, cost of surgery etc. You can book your appointment or call at Pristyn Care to get the best treatment for piles from the best Piles doctor in Delhi city.

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