Snapchat’s latest update fixes major crash bug on the iPhone app

Snapchat's latest update fixes major crash bug on the iPhone app

Yesterday, Snap released an update for its iOS app which introduced a nasty bug that would prevent those who updated it to continue to use Snapchat. Basically, the app would crash at launch or just after the camera feed would pop up on the iPhone’s display.

Although it was unclear how widespread the issue was, Snap acknowledged the problem and promised to fix it as soon as possible. That came after a wave of tweets that pointed out the bug, including one of The Verge‘s writers who posted an article about the issue and tweeted it.

True to its promise, the social company confirmed at the end of the day that the crash bug has been addressed. Snap also recommends those who are still having problems with the Snapchat app on their iPhones, to manually update to version in the App Store.

These things happen sometimes, but it rarely happens that they are fixed so soon. Kudos to Snap’s engineers for nailing this one so fast and props to users who patiently waited for the fix.

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