OPPO’s new update will allow owners of some models to expand RAM virtually

OPPO's new update will allow owners of some models to expand RAM virtually

Roughly a month ago, OPPO launched its Memory Expansion Technology, RAM Expansion, in Singapore and now, the company is rolling out a similar feature called RAM+ to Middle Eastern and African markets.

As the name implies, this tech lets you increase your phone’s random-access memory (RAM). The way it’s done is by converting some storage or read-only memory (ROM) into virtual RAM.

For those needing a little refresher, more RAM means a faster phone, and more ROM means more storage for media and files.

With OPPO’s new tech, users will be able to convert a small portion of their phone’s storage into RAM without needing any additional hardware and this could help boost efficiency, speed, and multitasking capabilities, albeit only temporarily. Three levels of adjustments will be available and users will be able to get as much as 7GB of additional RAM.

The RAM+ feature will be available with the June 2021 update and currently, the Reno5 Series, OPPO A94, and OPPO A74 are supported.

After downloading the update, just go to the ‘About Phone’ section in the Settings app to use the tech. You will be asked to select the amount of RAM you need and restart your device.

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