Alleged Google Health app leak shows medical records interface

Alleged Google Health app leak shows medical records interface

Leaked screenshots of the upcoming Google Health app have surfaced online, showing an exciting new feature – medical records.

Earlier this year, Google confirmed that it’s looking into potential ways to connect and organize patients records and give people the ability to access the information on their smartphones. Now it seems that the idea has come to fruition and the feature will be baked into the upcoming Google Health app.

“See a unified view of your health, pulling together info from your doctor’s visit, labs, and more. Get started by linking your online accounts from places where you’ve received your healthcare,” reads the description in a leaked Google Health app screenshots, provided by industry insider Ishan Agarwal and published by 91mobiles.

Judging by the screenshots, there will be some kind of integration between Google Health and healthcare centers, such as hospitals, laboratories, etc. You’ll need to log into the respective online portals of these institutions and give Google Health permission to collect data and show it inside the app.According to Agarwal, the Google Health app is currently in a testing phase, and it will probably launch for Android devices first, when or if it reaches the consumer-ready stage. Google Health will operate alongside Google Fit, potentially drawing additional data from the latter.

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