Google Chrome to get ‘HTTPS-Only Mode’ feature soon

Google Chrome is said to be getting an ‘HTTPS-only mode’ soon, according to a report by 9to5Google. The all new option that will reportedly be made available on Google Chrome will be optional. If you decide to switch on the mode, it will automatically “upgrade” any website with the HTTP protocol to the HTTPS protocol, if it is available.

Google Chrome currently uses HTTPS protocol by default if a protocol isn’t specified. Chrome’s new ‘HTTPS-only mode’ is reportedly under testing and is expected to launch along with Chrome 93 or Chrome 94. The full form of HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol and the addition of S symbolises secure browsing.

The report states that the code for the ‘HTTPS-only mode’ was spotted on the Chromium Gerrit website. When the company finally releases the new secure browsing mode, it is expected to be available on Chrome for Web, Android, and Chrome OS.

After activation, the ‘HTTPS-only mode’ will be visible on the Security page in Chrome. You will be able to find it under Settings > Security > Advanced menu. The mode will appear as ‘Always use secure connections to activate the secure browsing mode’. By default, the setting would be turned off.

When you turn on the ‘HTTPS-only mode,’ Chrome will automatically “upgrade” websites from HTTP to HTTPS protocol. Chrome, by default, uses the HTTPS protocol unless mentioned otherwise by a user.

When a particular website doesn’t have an HTTPS version Chrome will show an interstitial warning page before going back to the HTTP version of the website.

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