Reasons for IUI Failed – How to make the process successful?

Causes of IUI Failure and Tips to Avoid Failure

Many times doctors recommend IUI treatment to couples deprived of child happiness. In this infertility treatment, the doctor inserts the sperm of the man into the uterus of the woman with the help of a catheter. To know more about the process read- Complete IUI Method- From Beginning to End

This procedure is usually used for blockages in the fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids, or poor sperm quality in the male. Many women are unable to get pregnant in the first IUI cycle. This is normal. But with the repetition of the IUI cycle, the conception rate also increases. In such a situation, if a woman’s IUI treatment fails repeatedly, then it is a matter of concern.

There can be many reasons for the failure of the IUI process, including poor lifestyle, etc. Let us know these reasons in detail.

Reasons for IUI failure:

decrease in egg quality

Low-quality eggs may have chromosome abnormalities. Due to this, the eggs are not able to divide after fertilization and pregnancy does not take place. In such circumstances, the doctor may recommend IVF treatment if required.


After the age of 40, the success rate of IUI is almost non-existent. If the egg quality is good and the quality is also good, then women up to the age of 35 can easily get pregnant through IUI. After 35 years of age, the chances of IUI being successful gradually decrease.

decreased sperm quality

In order to fertilize the egg, all the qualities like quantity, mobility, shape etc. of the sperm should be good. If the sperm quality of the male is poor then the sperm will fail to fertilize the egg. In such a situation, doctors recommend opting for IVF procedure for treatment.

process delay

Sperm stays in the fallopian tubes for 12 to 24 hours during the time of ovulation. After this stipulated time the egg will break and come out through the vaginal tract along with bleeding. If the egg does not get sperm at the right time, then IUI treatment is sure to fail. To avoid this, you must reach the fertility clinic at the time prescribed by the doctor and have accurate knowledge of your ovulation.

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defect in the lining of the uterus

If the lining of the uterus is not properly structured, there will be a problem with the egg settling and it will not be able to get the reproductive environment, which will lead to miscarriage. This is also one of the reasons for the failure of IUI.

problem with ovulation

If the hormones required for ovulation are not balanced or if there is any other problem related to it, then the chances of failure of IUI increase. Sometimes eggs are not fertilized due to lack of egg cells and IVF fails.

progesterone deficiency

The hormone progesterone plays a major role in pregnancy. This hormone makes the lining of the uterus and the uterus adapted for embryo formation. When this hormone is low, not only IVF but also IUI treatment fails. Doctors may recommend the use of hormonal injections and suppositories to address the progesterone deficiency.

bad lifestyle

The chances of failure of IUI are very high due to a sedentary lifestyle. Sleeping late, sleeping late, not paying attention to diet, consuming junk food, obesity, not exercising, etc. are some of the reasons that cause hormonal imbalance in the body and then IUI treatment fails. In many women, chaotic lifestyle and lifestyle are the causes of IUI failure.

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To get drunk

Consumption of many intoxicants like smoking, alcohol, cocaine, heroin etc. have a negative effect on the fertility of both men and women. This affects both the egg quality of the female and the quality of the sperm of the male. As a result, it becomes difficult to conceive.

How to make IUI successful

To make IUI successful, follow the precautions given by the doctor. If there is a problem related to the hormonal and reproductive organs, the doctor will do proper treatment. In addition, you can take the following precautions:

  • Choose the right doctor- To make IUI or any other fertility treatment successful.
  • Get up on time, exercise.
  • Keep obesity under control.
  • Keep the diet balanced.
  • Do not consume oily, chili, and junk food.
  • Do not smoke
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Do not consume intoxicating foods.
  • Consult your fertility doctor before using any medicine.
  • Include healthy food in the diet.
  • Take the medicines and supplements given by the doctor regularly at the right time.

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