Tips to make IVF more successful the first time

how to make ivf more successful

IVF treatment appears to be most effective when it comes to insemination with assisted reproductive technology. It is also asked that how successful will IVF be? Unfortunately, it is not always successful.

According to a report, people feel frustration, anger and sadness when IVF fails. IVF is more likely to be successful in younger women. The success rate in women under 35 is 39.6%. This means that in about 60% of women under the age of 35, it is not successful in the first attempt. Its success rate also decreases with age.

Whether or not IVF will be successful in the first try cannot be guaranteed, but there are several options that can be used to increase the chances of successful IVF in the first attempt.

Tips to make IVF successful the first time

Maintaining a healthy weight is important

The success of IVF treatment is also dependent on the weight of the woman. IVF is more likely to be successful in a normal-weight woman.

In underweight women (whose body mass index is less than 19) the time to conceive is increased by 4 times, while in overweight women (35< BMI) it is 2 times.

Being overweight makes it difficult to take care of the ovaries during the IVF process. It also increases the complications that occur during egg retrieval. Therefore, a healthy weight can prove to be helpful in making the process of IVF successful.

Change your diet according to dietitian to lose or gain weight.

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Choosing the best doctors and clinics

When your fertility doctor has these two qualities, then the chances of IVF being successful are increased –

  • Experience of many successful IVF treatments
  • supporting the patient emotionally

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You don’t have to rely on online reviews from any doctor or clinic. Most of the fertility clinics only show their success rate in online platforms which is very tempting.

You can take the help of your relatives in this. Before getting your treatment done at a fertility center, make sure to assess its past success and failure.

quality of sperm

About 90% of fetal chromosome complications are due to poor egg quality, but in some cases the sperm may also be responsible.

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If the quality and motility of a man’s sperm is extremely low, the failure rate of IVF increases. In this case, male infertility should be treated first. The condition of male infertility can be reduced or removed through a variety of hormonal therapies and surgical techniques.

Sperm can be removed directly from a man’s testicles with the help of a needle, which is usually more beneficial. As another option, you can take the help of a sperm donor.

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quit smoking

Addicted to cigarettes? If yes, then to increase the success of IVF you will have to settle with it.

Smoking during IVF treatment reduces the quality of the egg and sperm. Quitting smoking has to be done, but it is not an easy task. You can take anti-smoking drugs on the advice of a doctor. These types of drugs affect the nicotine receptors of the brain, which reduces pleasure during smoking.

Take Supplements

Supplements can increase the quantity and quality of eggs, which also increases the success rate of IVF. You should consult your doctor regarding this.

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Multivitamins tablets can be taken to overcome any other type of physical weakness (which are responsible for infertility). According to a research by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), regular use of multivitamin tablets can reduce the risk of ovulatory infertility.

reduce stress

You must have read or heard somewhere that stress reduces the chances of a woman getting pregnant. This fact also applies with IVF treatment.

Trying to conceive naturally or resort to assisted reproductive technology, in either case, taking stress can make the outcome negative.

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You can use acupuncture technique to relieve stress. This technique is very effective which can improve the outcome of pregnancy. Keeping yourself busy in your favorite work can also prove beneficial.

proper level of vitamin D

The proper amount of Vitamin D in the human body improves the reproductive process. It can bring the results of fertility treatment in your favor.

Several studies suggest that having enough vitamin D can help the frozen embryos to be transferred to the uterus without any problems.

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The proper amount of vitamin D in a woman’s body improves the success rate of IVF.

plenty of sleep

You can aid IVF treatment by getting proper sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep boosts fertility.

One study found that women who get 7 to 8 hours of sleep have an increased chance of conceiving. Sleeping for more or less than this reduces the pregnancy rate.

To make IVF successful in the first place, you must change the time and method of sleeping. You should fall asleep between 10 to 11 at night.

Your room temperature should be around 20ºC. Take a bath about half an hour before bedtime. The water should not be cold.

Eat meals about 3 hours before bedtime, do not consume caffeine, and do not use digital screens (mobile, laptop, TV) for half an hour before. This ideal way to sleep during the IVF process can be beneficial.

alcohol is trouble

Consumption of alcohol during the IVF process can have negative effects in women. While going through the IVF cycle, the woman has to take fertility drugs, along with the consumption of alcohol can reduce the effect of these drugs. It also makes you emotionally weak.

In particular, alcohol should not be consumed at all after embryo transfer.

ivf and sex

A man should not ejaculate for 2-3 days before the process of sperm retrieval. Masturbation or sex, any process should be avoided.

While sex during ovarian stimulation can be beneficial in an IVF cycle, you should also listen to your body. During this time the size of the woman’s ovaries can increase, which can cause discomfort during sex. If such a problem occurs, then avoid sex.

After embryo transfer, you have to have sex only after the permission of the doctor.

In the end

These were some tips that you can follow to increase your chances of successful IVF. If all the things are taken care of and proper treatment is done then IVF can be successful in one go.

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