What are the things to keep in mind before cataract operation?


It is not possible to cure glaucoma with medicine or eye drops. Surgery is the only means by which this disease can be cured forever. cataract surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist. If you want to undergo cataract surgery, then you should take special care of some things.

Today our life has become based on technology. Since Corona, everyone’s lifestyle has changed almost completely. Today, along with jobs, studies and many other tasks are being completed with the help of mobile, laptop and internet.

Spending time in front of mobile, laptop and TV screens for a long time causes many problems in the eyes. cataracts He is also one of them. Experts also say that the number of patients suffering from cataract may increase in the coming time.

Cataract is a common disease affecting the eyes. It is considered the biggest cause of blindness worldwide. When suffering from this disease, the lens becomes cloudy, due to which the patient sees objects blurry.

Before undergoing cataract surgery, keep the following things in mind:-

01. Get Your Eyes Checked Out

If you see the symptoms of cataract in yourself or are suffering from this disease, then after consulting a doctor, first get it properly examined. The test will help you find out what type of cataract you have and how severe it is.

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Depending on the type and severity of cataract, it can be successfully operated. Not only this, getting the test done before the operation eliminates the risk of complications.

02. Select Experienced Ophthalmologist

Find out about the doctor’s experience and credibility before undergoing cataract surgery. An experienced and reliable ophthalmologist is highly skilled in cataract surgery, due to which the chances of the surgery being successful are high and Cataract surgery side effects or the risk of complications is minimized.

Be sure to find out about the experience and credibility of the doctor you are about to have cataract surgery. How many surgeries has he done so far? What is the success rate of their surgery. You can visit their website, read reviews about them on Google and Practo to know about a doctor’s credibility, experience and skills.

Usually a doctor who has 6-8 years of experience is seen as an experienced and reliable doctor.

03. Find out about the attitude of the doctor towards the patient

Along with having sufficient experience and skill, a doctor is also required to have the right attitude towards the patient. You need to be comfortable with the doctor you want to operate for your cataract.

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The doctor is considered to be the best who has adequate experience as well as is respectful towards the patient, who listens thoroughly to the patient, gives correct answers to all their questions and has all the right information related to surgery. shares.

Every person likes to get his treatment from that doctor who listens carefully to his words and tries to understand his problems. To find out how a doctor treats patients, you can talk to people who have had their cataracts treated by that doctor in the past.

04. By what means is cataract surgery done?

Cataract surgery is performed in several ways. in this Extracapsular Cataract Extraction, femtosecond cataract surgery and micro incision or phaco surgery etc. are included. Find out how your surgery will go. However, cataract surgery can be done through all the means mentioned above.

but in all femtosecond surgery It is considered to be the best treatment for cataract. It is a modern and advanced surgical treatment of cataract. The human role of the doctor is reduced during this surgery. Therefore the risk of complications during surgery is almost zero and the success rate is high.

If you want to get the best treatment for cataract without facing any problems, then before going for your operation, find out what type of surgery is used in that clinic or hospital.

05. What is the estimated cost of the surgery?

Estimated cost of cataract surgery Depends on many things. The cost usually depends on the experience of the doctor, the image of the clinic and the type of surgery. Discuss the estimated cost of this surgery at the clinic or hospital you are going to choose. With its help, you can plan your operation properly.


Like any other operation, there is a risk of complications during and after a cataract operation. But with the help of the above-mentioned points, you can avoid the chances of complications occurring during or after this operation. In most cases the ophthalmologist does not have enough experience and Avoidance After Cataract Operation Failure to do so leads to complications.

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