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IUI success rate on first try |  IUI success rate in first attempt in Hindi

Due to the availability of science, it is now easier to recover from infertility. IUI treatment is a type of infertility treatment that comes under Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART).

Generally, IUI procedure can be used as a treatment for infertility when a woman is unable to conceive due to various reasons like blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm quality, etc.

It is an advanced technique in which pure sperm is inserted into the uterus of the woman with the help of a catheter.

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Any medical treatment technique has a success rate. For example, if 10 out of 10 people get cured after getting treatment then the success rate will be 100%. Similarly, IUI or other artificial pregnancy techniques also have a success rate. Today we will learn about this.

What is the success rate of IUI on the first try?

From examining the female reproductive organs to semen analysis, purifying the semen and finally inserting the semen into the woman’s uterus. This complete cycle is called an IUI cycle.

The success rate in the first cycle of IUI (ie in the first attempt) ranges from 10-20 percent. However, some women get pregnant in the first place.

It has been revealed in many research that the success rate also increases with increasing cycle. In 3 to 4 cycles, the chance of a woman becoming pregnant increases from 90 to 95%.

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According to a research, in most cases, a woman becomes pregnant in the third or fourth cycle of IUI.

Dependency of IUI Success Rate

  • Doctor’s experience The more experienced the fertility doctor, the higher the success rate of IUI treatment.
  • woman’s age Women under the age of 35 are more likely to become pregnant. The success rate of IUI declines with age. Conceiving through IUI after the age of 40 is like thinking about time travelling.
  • Severity of reproductive disorder IUI treatment cannot be done if both the fallopian tubes of the woman are blocked. Similarly, if the severity of the fertility disorder is high, the success rate of IUI may be low.
  • Women’s physical and hormonal health The more physically healthy the woman is, the more likely the complications during IUI treatment will be avoided and the success rate will be good. Many factors like obesity, leanness, hormonal imbalance in the body, etc. reduce the chances of IUI being successful.

Tips to increase the success rate of IUI:

  • Do not miss doses of medicines given by the doctor.
  • Talk to your doctor if you notice any unwanted symptoms during the IUI cycle.
  • Do not smoke
  • To keep the body hydrated, drink plenty of water.
  • Include all the nutrients like fiber, vitamins etc in the diet, you can consult your dietician.
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Do light exercise regularly every morning (note- consult a doctor before exercising and avoid strenuous exercise)
  • Follow all the precautions given by the doctor carefully.

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Pristine Care is the Best IUI Treatment Center – Get the Best Success Rate

Obviously, a woman will undergo IUI treatment only if she or her partner has a major reproductive disorder.

It is wrong to attribute the low success rate by telling the patient about her reproductive complications. Although the success rate increases with each treatment, this is possible only if the doctor treating infertility is experienced.

An experienced fertility specialist, after thoroughly observing the causes of failure of IUI, makes new changes in treatment to make it successful, thereby increasing its success rate.

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You can consult our doctor for good success rate. We have female doctors from major cities like Delhi, Noida, Bangalore who have an experience of more than 15 years in infertility treatment.

Many women who got IUI treatment from our place are enjoying child happiness today. If you’d like to join them, call us today or book an appointment.

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