What to do in incomplete abortion – symptoms and treatment

What to do in case of incomplete abortion

What is incomplete abortion?

When some part of the fetus remains in the uterus of the woman even after the abortion, then that condition is called incomplete abortion.

This usually happens to a woman less than 20 weeks pregnant. Most cases of incomplete abortion fall under spontaneous abortion (unintended abortion). However, in some cases this problem can be observed even when abortion pills are used.

due to incomplete abortion

Most incomplete abortions cannot be prevented. In this 50% of cases are of chromosomal abnormalities.[1]

Age, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, thyroid problems, polycystic ovary syndrome, lupus, thrombophilia, low or overweight, abnormal uterus, teratogen exposure (drugs, alcohol, caffeine, radiation), and infection (eg- HIV, sexually transmitted diseases) , Listeria monocytogenes) etc. are some of the problems that can lead to incomplete abortion.

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Symptoms of incomplete abortion

  • Heavy bleeding – If you have to change pads every one or two hours.
  • Bleeding continuously, this bleeding does not stop.
  • vaginal bleeding
  • Severe abdominal pain (may feel like cramping or contractions)
  • fever and flu symptoms

If you are experiencing any of these signs then consult a good gynecologist immediately.

treatment of incomplete abortion

First of all, on seeing the symptoms of miscarriage / incomplete abortion, one should immediately contact a good gynecologist located nearby. Continuous bleeding/clotting can be life-threatening. This is an emergency and you may need immediate treatment.

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Do not use any medicine or injection by yourself. It can be harmful and deadly. The following treatment methods may be chosen by the doctor to treat incomplete abortion.


First of all the doctor will look at your health. Ultrasound of the uterus may also be done. Now some hormonal medicines can be given according to the situation. You may have to stay in the hospital for a while.

According to the information given in the internet, many women start using medicines without doctor’s advice. Do not do this it can be fatal. The drugs can be used only for 10 weeks of pregnancy.

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If surgery is needed to remove the fetus completely or the pregnancy of the woman is more than 10 months, then doctors choose a surgical procedure for treatment. In this process, the remaining part of the embryo is taken out with the help of vacuum.

Incomplete abortion is the incomplete expulsion of fetal products. Patients should not delay seeking medical care if they experience bleeding during pregnancy, as this can lead to increased morbidity and mortality. In case of emergency, you should immediately go to the doctor’s clinic near you.

I always miscarry, what should I do to conceive?

If you lose your baby after becoming pregnant, you need blood tests and other diagnostics right away. In such a situation, you should consult a good fertility doctor to get pregnant and save your fetus.

The doctor will examine the woman’s body and make sure that the woman’s body is not lacking in the nutrients needed to bear the fetus.

After going through all the process of diagnosis, the doctor will advise you on the treatment. Certain supplements and medicines may be given in the treatment. It may be that due to the low quality of sperm in the semen of the man, there is a problem in getting pregnant.

In such a situation, the doctor will do semen analysis. IUI procedure may be advised for treatment if the sperm quality of the man is low.

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In some circumstances, a woman may also need IVF treatment. However, in most cases, IUI treatment or medicines are effective.

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If you have always been a victim of miscarriage and want proper treatment, then you can consult our fertility experts. Our experts will check the female reproductive organs and hormone levels in the body and recommend the right treatment according to the situation.

Call us or book an appointment to speak to a fertility expert!

Conclusion – After abortion, when the embryo is not completely expelled from the uterus, then it is called incomplete abortion. Incomplete abortion is a rare condition, which requires immediate medical treatment when symptoms appear. The woman should avoid using home remedies or own medicines. In such a situation, you should immediately seek the advice of a gynecologist located near your home. If you always miscarry, see a fertility doctor.

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