ZTE exec hints at a 20GB RAM smartphone

ZTE exec hints at a 20GB RAM smartphone

Chinese company ZTE has hinted that it may release a smartphone with 20GB of RAM sometime in the future.

The Director of the company’s Consumer Experience Department, Lu Qianhao has indicated in a Weibo post that a phone with 20GB of RAM and smooth performance may be in the pipeline. That would be a first for smartphones.
Although a few smartphone manufacturers, including ZTE, do sell phones with 18GB RAM, they aren’t mainstream, and most high-end smartphones still max out at 12GB or 16GB of RAM. Apple hasn’t gone beyond 6GB.
ZTE hasn’t provided any specifics and the 20GB RAM device it has hinted at could be a gaming-centric smartphone.There is also a possibility that the device in question won’t offer 20GB of physical RAM. Instead, the total count may include virtual RAM as well. Some OPPO and Vivo smartphones already have the feature, whereby RAM can be expanded by converting some portion of storage into RAM temporarily.

More RAM will not necessarily help ZTE break performance records. Apple has demonstrated over the years that for snappy performance, efficient RAM usage is about as important as RAM specs.

That said, generally the more memory a phone has, the better, and thus, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this Android smartphone.

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