Can hemorrhoids be treated with urine?

Urine for piles treatment in hindi

Due to its multi-use properties or superstition, cow urine is being used in many health disorders since ancient times. Many people also want to use it to treat piles. At the same time, some people want to eliminate piles forever from their own urine.

Now the question arises that can hemorrhoids really be treated with urine? Let us know about this in detail.

Claims to cure hemorrhoids with urine

People believe that there are two methods of using cow urine to treat piles:

  1. Applying cow urine as a paste in the anal area
  2. drinking fresh cow urine every morning

If the above claims are to be put under the test of science, then they are of no use. Many research has shown that drinking cow urine or applying it on the skin is irrational.

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As many people like to drink not only cow urine but their own urine and use it as a treatment in the anal area. It can be even more harmful. Once the amount of harmful substances in cow urine can be reduced, but the waste material excreted from the human body is full of many harmful elements.

The answer is clear that neither cow urine nor human urine can cure piles, but can certainly become the root of health problems.

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These problems can be

  • infection – Due to piles, there is already a scar in the anal area. The cut in the anal area can fill with urine, which increases the chances of infection and the severity of hemorrhoids. Therefore, the desire to treat piles with urine should be abandoned.
  • Stomach related problems Urine contains harmful bacteria, drinking them can cause stomach related problems, while the chances of getting infections also increase.
  • pressure on kidney Urine is a waste material that is filtered out of the body by the kidneys. By drinking urine, you are giving kidney function again. Due to this the kidney has to work more.

It is inappropriate to drink urine or apply it on the body. This will expose you to harmful bacteria and toxins. It should not be used for the protection of the body.

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Safe alternatives to treat piles

Following options can be adopted to treat piles-

Home Remedies + Medicines

Usually, when the grade of piles is normal, anal disease specialist recommends the use of some home remedies and medicines. Both the remedies help in controlling piles. As a result, the piles gradually dry up.

Hemorrhoids can be prevented from growing by staying constipated. Therefore, consume plenty of water and include all the essential nutrients and high amounts of fiber in your diet. The doctor can recommend a good laxative to get rid of constipation.

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Surgery is a good option when other treatment options have failed or the grade of the hemorrhoid is higher than normal.

In such a situation, doctors recommend surgery. One of the following surgical methods may be used to treat piles:

  • laser surgery
  • stapler surgery
  • open surgery
  • alkali formula method

Laser surgery is considered the safest option among the above treatment procedures. With this surgical procedure, the patient does not have any cuts in the anal area and can go home on the same day of treatment.

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treat us

We are well known in more than 30 cities of India for the treatment of piles. Our experienced rectal specialists diagnose the anal area accurately and then choose the right treatment option.

Surgery is not performed if medicines and lifestyle changes are sufficient for treatment. Doctors opt for laser surgery when the exact opposite or if the stage of piles is severe. All the instruments used for the surgery are equipped with the latest technology. The surgeon who operates these has an experience of more than 15 years which makes the chances of post-surgery complications almost zero.

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Urine is a waste product from the body. It can be harmful to the body. It would be foolish to use it to treat piles. On seeing the symptoms of piles, one should go to an experienced rectal specialist for proper diagnosis and proper treatment. If you want, you can also consult our experienced doctor.

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