How Vaginal Surgery Is Performed – Types, Needs and Methods

Vaginal surgery type method and need

There are a number of vaginal surgical procedures that are performed to reshape or change the shape of the vagina. Various surgical procedures are used in different situations to beautify or repair the vagina.

While a separate surgery is done to tighten the vagina, the surgery used to reshape the lip of the vagina is different.

Let us know how many types of Vaginal surgery are there and why do they exist?

Types and needs of vaginal surgery – Types & needs of vaginal surgery in hindi

  • vaginoplasty
  • labiaplasty
  • vulvaplasty
  • hymenoplasty
  • clitoral unhooding


It is also called vaginal tightening surgery. Women get this procedure done when there is a lot of looseness in their vagina. This looseness comes before one’s age and affects the sexual life of the woman.

Sometimes a woman’s pelvic organs prolapse, even in such a situation, doctors take the help of vaginoplasty. However, if the vagina is not too loose, laser vaginal tightening is recommended. It is not a surgery but a laser procedure in which the vagina is tightened without any cuts.

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In this, the extra labia are removed with the help of laser equipment or scalpel. Usually, due to hormonal changes with age, many times the structure of the vaginal lip (labia) of the woman becomes abnormal after delivery, which causes discomfort in many tasks like wearing innerwear, exercising, running etc. In such a situation, labiaplasty is recommended.

Women can go about their normal activities two to three days after labiaplasty.


Vulvaplasty is performed to reconstruct the shape of the vulva. This increases the beauty of the outer part of the vagina and also increases the sexual pleasure.


This is also a vaginal surgery. But this has nothing to do with the structure of the vagina, rather this surgery is done to reconstruct the hymen in the vaginal opening. It is also called virginity surgery.

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When the hymen breaks due to some reason (sex and exercise in most cases), women resort to this surgical procedure to prove themselves as virgins on the wedding night. Due to this the inner wall of the vagina also becomes slightly tight, which is helpful in increasing sexual pleasure.

clitoral unhooding

The surgery to trim the extra fat or extra size present in the clitoris present in the woman’s vagina is also called clitoral unhooding or hoodectomy.

Usually, the enlarged clitorus can be responsible for extra orgasm during sex, it can cause discomfort to the woman and sometimes it can lead to infection. Therefore, getting an enlarged clitorus removed with the help of clitoral unhooding is a safer option.

Vaginal surgery side effects

  • infection – Infection can be seen in some women after vaginal surgery. However, this happens due to lack of attention to hygiene, not taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor on time and not following the precautions. However, some women’s bodies are prone to infections and they may still fall prey to infections even after following the above precautions.
  • Unwanted change in sensation If the doctor makes an error during the surgery, then unwanted changes in sensation can be seen. A woman’s vagina may be more sensitive and in some cases it may be insensitive.
  • Persistent pain With the use of modern treatment facilities and advanced medicines, the chances of causing pain are very low or non-existent. But in some rare cases, it has been found that the woman has experienced constant pain after vaginal surgery.
  • Sign of injury – The formation of a cut mark in the vaginal area is also one of its side effects.

Ways to avoid side effects of vaginal surgery

By adopting some tips, you can avoid the side effects of vaginal surgery:

  • Select Experienced Doctor Having an experienced doctor can reduce the side effects of Vaginal surgery manifold. With no errors during the surgery, the risk of side effects will be less, as a result, the woman will not have any problem in sexual life.
  • Follow everything- Before and after surgery, the doctor gives some tips and precautions. Be sure to follow them. They play an important role in reducing complications.
  • Tell everything to the doctor – Before undergoing surgery, talk to your doctor openly about your feelings, fear of surgery, your disease, discomfort during your sexual life, vaginal sensations, etc. Based on these points, the doctor will be able to provide you with the best treatment. You may not need surgery at all.

Can vaginal surgery be covered under insurance?

Most health insurance plans do not cover vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, or other plastic surgeries.

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