How much does carpal tunnel syndrome surgery cost?


Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated in several ways. But endoscopic surgery is considered the best treatment. In general carpal tunnel syndrome The cost of surgery ranges from Rs 40,000-60,000. But this is not the final cost of this surgery. This can change, as the cost of carpal tunnel syndrome surgery depends on many factors.

Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery cost in major cities of India:-

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery costs around 40,000-60,000 in Delhi NCR
  • The cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery in Hyderabad is around 40,000-60,000
  • The cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery in Bangalore is around 43,000-65,000
  • The cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery in Mumbai is around 42,000-61,000.
  • The cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery in Kolkata is around 38,000-60,000
  • The cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery in Chennai is around 40,000-71,000.
  • The cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery in Pune is around 41,000-61,000.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common disease that causes pressure on the median nerve when afflicted. The carpal tunnel is a thin vein that runs from the wrist to the shoulder. Through this the median nerve enters the hand. The function of the carpal tunnel is to provide protection to the median nerve.

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The median nerve controls the movement of the hand. Also, gives the hand the ability to feel anything. But when there is any kind of inflammation in the carpal tunnel, it affects the nerve. In such a situation, when a vein gets suppressed in the carpal tunnel, it is called carpal tunnel syndrome in medical language.

Following are the factors affecting the surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:-

01. Type of Surgery

There are two types of surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, one is open surgery and the other is endoscopic surgery. Open surgery is a traditional surgical procedure with a high risk of complications during and after. Whereas endoscopic surgery is a modern and advanced procedure with a success rate of around 95-99 percent. The risk of complications during or after this surgery is almost zero.

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This is the reason why endoscopic surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome costs more than open surgery. You can find out what surgery techniques are used at the clinic where you want to have your surgery. Since this surgery is done to repair the veins in the palm, you should choose an endoscopic technique for your surgery so that the surgery is completed successfully.

02. Experience of Surgeon

Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery is performed by an orthopedic surgeon. Usually the surgeon who has more experience, the fees are much higher than the surgeon who has less experience. As such, the experience of an orthopedic surgeon can play an important role in your carpal tunnel syndrome surgery cost.

03. Hospital credibility

The location of the hospital where you are going to have your surgery, its credibility with the public and its track record in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery can also affect your surgery cost in a big way.

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The cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery in a reliable hospital is higher than in other general hospitals. Because here the chances of the surgery being successful are high and the risk of complications is almost zero.

04. Severity of the situation

The severity of carpal tunnel syndrome can also affect the cost of your surgery. Because sometimes keeping in mind the severity of the condition and the overall health of the patient, surgeons may suggest hospitalization after surgery to the patient. In this case, your hospitalization cost may increase your carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.

05. Insurance

Insurance is covered in some hospitals and not covered in some. If the hospital chosen by you is covered by insurance and you have insurance, then with its help, you can reduce your out of pocket expenses to a great extent. Therefore, while choosing any hospital, one must know about the facilities available there.

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Apart from all this, there are some factors that affect the cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery which include pre-surgery tests, post-surgery medications, and post-surgery follow-ups meeting with the surgeon.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition characterized by pain in the wrist and burning in the fingers. This disease can be treated in many ways, but when none are of benefit, doctors use surgery to treat it. If you want to know about the estimated cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery, then you can take the help of the above mentioned points.

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