iPhone 13 colors: All the hues and shades we expect to see in the iPhone 13

iPhone 13 colors: All the hues and shades we expect to see in the new iPhone 13 lineup

Apple has been quite progressive with the iPhone colors in the past few years, especially compared to other big manufacturers. While others stick to “safe” colors such as black or grey, Apple utilizes the rainbow spectrum flawlessly.

The iPhone 12 for example comes in a slew of colors, including deep blue, minty green, Project Red, white, black, and most recently, purple. And even though the upcoming iPhone 13 series is rumored to offer little to no design changes compared to the iPhone 12, there are exciting leaks and rumors about the iPhone 13 colors.

Without further ado, let’s dive into every detail we know about the iPhone 13 colors.

iPhone 13 colors: Matte Black

The biggest leak regarding the iPhone 13 colors comes from Max Weinbach. The famous tipster revealed in a YouTube video that the new iPhone 13 will come in a matte black finish – a paint job we haven’t seen since the iPhone 7 days.

This iPhone 13 color is probably one of the safest bets out there, and it’s quite practical too. With a matte black color (and any other matter color, for that matter) you don’t have the fingerprint/smudge problem – at least not as bad as with a glossy finish.

The bad news is that this matte black finish will be an iPhone 13 Pro color, possibly arriving on the iPhone 13 Pro Max as well. Sources claim that it’s derived from the graphite iPhone 12 color option but we’ll have to wait and see. Colors can look vastly different in real life compared to renders and pictures.

iPhone 13 colors: Rose Pink

Remember the rose gold color option of the iPhone 5s? We positively adored it! Well, the latest iPhone 13 color leaks suggest that there will be a rose pink finish, potentially looking gorgeous.

The leak came from a phone shop called @PengPhones via a post on Twitter. According to the leak, there will be an iPhone 13 Pro Max rose pink color variant, and the whole lineup will launch in December (?).

While the credibility of this leak is questionable at best, there’s a possibility that Apple refreshes the most premium model with a classy rose pink option. The image in the tweet has disappeared quickly after it went online, which can be taken both ways – either the Rose Pink color is completely legit and Apple engaged its lawyers, or it’s a pile of bull.

iPhone 13 colors: Purple

The same source posted online iPhone 13 purple mockups (concept images from SuperSaf), along with a light blue variant as well. Taking into account the recent purple color addition to the iPhone 12 palette, this rumor has the potential to turn legit.

PengPhones notes that this color option will be reserved for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and also that it will come in November. We have zero information about these leakers, though – so, please take all this with a healthy grain of salt.

iPhone 13 colors: Orange

If you ask me which iPhone 13 color best suits my character I’ll immediately answer – orange! This question is a bit far-fetched, though. Will the iPhone 13 come in orange? According to the latest concept images from Ian Zelbo, the answer is yes, and the final result looks quite attractive.

These concept images are based on CAD renders from Jon Prosser, which means nothing, really. Rumor has it that the bright orange color will be available on the iPhone 13 vanilla, while the Pro and the Pro Max models will sport a toned-down bronze color variant.

iPhone 13 colors: Product Red

The Product Red initiative has been going steadily for quite some time now, and there’s no reason to see it gone in the new iPhone 13 series. We expect to see all iPhone 13 models taking part in the Product Red project, so if you’re a fan of red phones or just want to support the initiative, you’re in luck.

Let’s hope that the red in Product Red is actually red this time around, as the last devices to sport this branding were in fact (as my girlfriend pointed out) “coral pink.” The iPhone 13 Product RED color variant already appeared in renders and it looks properly red, so fingers crossed.

iPhone 13 colors: White

White is a traditional color for Apple and if you ask me “Which iPhone 13 color should I buy?” I’ll probably answer – the white one! It’s pure classic and always looks good.

There’s no reason to think that Apple would ditch the white color all of a sudden. However, there are different hues of white, and judging by the latest iPhone 13 color rumors and leaks, we’re getting a creamier white in the iPhone 13.

Don’t quote me on this one, though, because, as I said earlier, colors can turn very different in pictures depending on millions of things. What’s more important is that there will be a white iPhone 13. Do you like white iPhones?

iPhone 13 colors: Yellow

The vibrant yellow color of the iPhone 11 seems to be missing from the iPhone 13 lineup as well (no yellow iPhone 12 either). That’s really sad – who doesn’t like yellow phones, it’s such a statement! Apple has the habit of switching bright colors around in its lineup, and maybe that’s the case with the iPhone 13 yellow variant – it just had to make way for the orange one?

There’s a remote possibility that the iPhone 13 yellow color is still on the table, but given that there are virtually no leaks or rumors about it, chances are pretty slim at the moment.

By the way, according to Pantone, one of the most trendy colors of 2021 is Illuminating – a bright yellow hue! Take that, Apple!

iPhone 13 colors: Mint Green

Another silent topic on the color front – there are no rumors and leaks about a possible iPhone 13 Mint Green color option in the pipeline. This color was one of the freshest in the iPhone 12 series lineup but apparently, it had to make way for other, more trendy colors.

I personally would love to see a darker green color on an iPhone – something like British Racing Green but again, chances are slim. Fans of the green color would have to rely on iPhone 13 cases to satisfy their color preferences.

iPhone 13 colors: Graphite

The grey color option in the iPhone 12 lineup was called Graphite last year but with Matte Black coming on board, this one will have to go out of the iPhone 13 color repertoire.

We’ll have to see how black the Matte Black will be before jumping to conclusions and crying our graphite tears lamenting the untimely demise of this iPhone 13 color option.

Even though grey phones are generally considered boring, they are more suited to business environments, where things need to be more understated.

iPhone 13 colors: Blue

In no particular order – here are our thoughts on the iPhone 13 blue color option. This one is a bit tough – again, there aren’t many leaks talking about a blue iPhone 13 but on the other hand, some dummies, mockups, and concept images of the iPhone 13 are employing this color (plus the iPhone 13 mini prototype pictured above).

Normally, Apple kinda retains most of the colors from one generation to the next, only switching one or two to spice things up. If that’s the case with the iPhone 13 color palette, we should expect the iPhone 13 blue color option to make its appearance.

However, we might see different hues of blue between the models – deeper blue on the vanilla iPhone 13, and lighter on the Pro and Pro Max models.

iPhone 13 colors: Gold/Silver

These two color options are normally reserved for the premium models, and there’s a good chance we’ll see them on the iPhone 13 Pro color portfolio, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max as well. They’re both quite stylish but also a bit more demanding – although some people can pair a tracksuit with a gold iPhone and make it work.

So there you have it. According to the latest info, Apple will hold the iPhone 13 announcement event in the “third week of September”. Which colors do you want to see in the iPhone 13?

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