11 Simple Tips for Recovering from Uterine Removal Operation

Recovery tips after hysterectomy in hindi

After the removal of the uterus, many physical and mental changes can be seen in the body of the woman. Actually, it is common to feel the symptoms of change due to hormonal changes. The surgery to remove the uterus is called a hysterectomy.

After the uterus is removed, the age of the woman also starts showing more. The post-surgery changes in the body are enough to disturb the woman mentally.

Your overall health depends on how fast you will recover after a hysterectomy. It takes 2 to 3 months for many women to fully recover from it.

However, there are some tips by which you can try to speed up the recovery a bit and also recover from the mental pain during this time.

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focus on diet

  • Include all essential nutrients in the diet. A balanced diet and proper intake of proteins, minerals and vitamins will help in recovery.
  • The availability of water in the body plays an important role during recovery. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and keep the body hydrated.
  • Protect yourself from constipation: Constipation will keep the stitches open, which can lead to infection and increase recovery time. To avoid this, include plenty of fiber in your diet. If possible, you can take the advice of a good laxative from the doctor.

do some exercise

Do not exercise for 2 weeks (3 weeks in some cases). After 2 weeks, you can do light exercises like walking, morning jogging etc. This will improve blood circulation in the body and healing will also happen quickly. Consult a doctor before starting strenuous exercise.

Avoid Pain and Swelling

By not controlling the inflammation and pain, the wound does not dry out and the recovery time is increased. To control swelling and pain, doctors give some medicines, take them regularly at the right time. It would be foolish if you do not take medicine when there is no pain.

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get plenty of rest

Due to the use of anesthesia during surgery, it is normal for a woman to be physically tired for 2-3 days. The body needs rest for the fast healing of the stitches. Therefore, take maximum rest after the operation to remove the uterus. This will keep the energy of your body and the healing will also be faster.

take care of the wound

Before discharge from the hospital, the nurse/doctor will explain how to clean and care for the stitched area. It is very important to keep the stitches clean. After surgery, keep your wound clean and dry by taking care of the tips given by the doctor regularly. Failure to do so will increase the risk of infection and the stitch re-opening. This will increase complications and take longer to recover.

wear loose clothing

Wearing tight clothing will put pressure on the incision site, causing pain and swelling to increase rather than decrease. Loose and comfortable clothing will not tort the wound and will aid in healing. Try to wear cotton clothes during this time. These will help stop sweating and protect against infection.

keep body hydrated

Do not let the body lack water. It is very important to stay hydrated during the recovery period. This causes the injury to heal quickly. Apart from this, the intake of fluids softens the stool which indirectly helps in recovery from the operation by controlling constipation. You can keep your body hydrated by consuming fluids such as many fruit juices including water, pomegranate, orange etc.

talk to a doctor immediately

During recovery after hysterectomy, if any serious complications such as severe pain, swelling, signs of infection etc. If you wait for the symptoms to intensify, there can be many complications. Therefore, talk to the doctor only if you see mild symptoms. The doctor will diagnose the condition and recommend the right treatment.

don’t stress

Stress not only increases mental illness but also physical illness. If you strain after a hysterectomy, healing of the surgical area will be delayed and recovery time will increase. You can do yoga to avoid stress. Exercises are also helpful in reducing stress but do not exercise these days. Listening to singing, drawing, watching movies, doing yoga, etc., are many things that focus your mind and can play an important role in reducing stress.

talk to friends

Most women undergo a hysterectomy for treatment after uterine cancer. After this process many changes take place in the woman’s body. During this process, the woman has lost a valuable part of her body, as a result she has to face mental pressure. The hormonal changes that occur in the body after the procedure are enough to intensify the mental harassment. During this, the woman needs support.

The woman should talk to her doctor, talk to friends who have had surgery. They’ll tell you what it feels like after a cystectomy and how your days will go.

Go for Hormonal Therapy

If the ovaries have been removed along with the uterus removal operation, hormonal therapy may be needed to stabilize the hormones in your body. In such a situation, if the doctor has advised hormonal therapy, then follow the doctor’s advice.

don’t have sex

Do not have sex before the uterus has fully recovered from the operation. Always consult your doctor before having sex.

In the end

The recovery time after uterine surgery can vary from woman to woman. The woman usually makes a full recovery within 6 weeks. The above tips will help the woman to recover faster. If a woman does not recover within 6 weeks or shows signs of complications, she should consult a gynecologist.

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