Grand Theft Auto 6 could release in 2024 or 2025, report says

Grand Theft Auto 6, or GTA VI is one of the most awaited open-world games. However, a new leak suggests that the game is not launching anytime soon. A new video by Tom Henderson on YouTube reveals a number of leaks around the Rockstar Games title.

Henderson hinted in the video that among other things, the game is unlikely to launch before 2024 or 2025. Here’s a number of other aspects revealed in the video.

GTA VI could be set in modern Vice City

Unlike a number of previous reports that suggested that the game could be set in the 80s, the new leak suggests that GTA VI could very well be based in the present timeline, a change that was apparently made after the tremendous success of GTA Online, Rockstar’s latest addition in the series.

Henderson further adds that GTA VI could feature an “expanding” map of modern Vice City in the game, that could change continuously with new DLCs post launch.

We could see GTA’s first playable female character

Henderson hints that similar to GTA V, the sixth installment in the series could also feature multiple protagonists in the plot, one of which is expected to be a tech-savvy female character. This character is expected to be the brains of the group, armed with skills including hacking and strategising for missions.

One of the new elements that GTA V brought to the table was the protagonist trio of Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Multiple characters allowed players to tackle strategy-based missions in a number of ways. It will be interesting to see what new gameplay aspects are introduced in this context with GTA VI.

Late release date, possibly 2024 or 2025

The video suggests that GTA VI could see a late release, even later than the widely expected launch year 2023. However, Henderson adds that a major reason for this is Rockstar “heavily focusing on employee-well being”. Rockstar will also not be looking forward to drop a release date and then not be able to meet their own deadlines.

We have seen major titles like Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Cyberpunk 2077 witness a bug-filled launch due to rushing the game to a launch date. GTA VI will not be reportedly taking that risk. Another factor Henderson speaks about is the ongoing success of GTA V and GTA Online, both of which are available on PC, current-gen consoles and past-gen consoles. GTA VI on the other hand, is expected to launch only for PC and current-gen consoles when the game eventually hits the stores.

Other additions

Henderson also said in his video that since the game is expected to be based in a modern setting, we may see either in-game currency or the storyline revolve around aspects like crypto-currency. The game could also see the addition of elements like wingsuits that people use to aerially glide over long distances. Wingsuits have also been a part of other games like the Just Cause series in the past.

Note that Rockstar Games has not officially announced any of the above details and it is best to currently take these tips with a grain of salt. More information around the game is expected to surface in the months to come.

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