How much does sinusitis surgery cost?


Sinusitis is a common disease. It is treated in a variety of ways, including antibiotics, nasal decongestants, and nasal steroids. But when all the methods of treatment fail then ENT specialist doctors suggest surgery. Sinusitis surgery is performed in a variety of ways, but Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) It is considered to be the best treatment for this.

It is a modern and advanced surgical procedure that can effectively treat sinusitis very easily in the shortest possible time. In general sinusitis The cost of surgery comes to around Rs 40,000-80,000. But keep in mind that this is not the final cost of this surgery. This can change, as the cost of sinusitis surgery depends on many factors.

Sinusitis is also known as sinus infection. This disease starts with a cold and eventually takes the form of sinusitis. If you suffer from this, you will have headache, difficulty in breathing, sore throatYou have to face problems like restlessness, irritability, high cough and fever etc.

Apart from the city and the doctor, there are many other factors that decide the cost of sinusitis surgery. The cost of sinusitis surgery in some big cities of India is as follows:-

  1. The cost of sinusitis surgery in Delhi NCR is around Rs 40,000-68,000.
  2. The cost of sinusitis surgery in Mumbai is around Rs 45,000-70,000.
  3. The cost of sinusitis surgery in Pune is around Rs 38,000-68,000.
  4. The cost of sinusitis surgery in Kolkata is around Rs 40,000-70,000.
  5. The cost of sinusitis surgery in Hyderabad is around Rs 42,000-72,000.
  6. The cost of sinusitis surgery in Bangalore is around Rs 45,000-75,000.
  7. The cost of sinusitis surgery in Chennai is around Rs 43,000-71,000.

After reading about the cost of sinusitis surgery in the above mentioned cities, you must have got a rough idea of ​​the estimated cost of surgery for this disease. But as we told you, the cost of sinusitis surgery depends on many factors. So that is sure to change.

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If you have a sinus infection and you want to treat it with surgery, then with the help of the points given below, you can estimate the cost of its surgery. After that, you can plan your surgery. Following are the factors affecting the surgery for sinusitis:-

01. Experience of Surgeon

Sinusitis surgery is performed by an ENT surgeon. The cost of sinus surgery also largely depends on the experience of the ENT surgeon. The fees for an experienced ENT surgeon are higher than that of a surgeon who does not have enough experience in surgery for sinusitis.

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Keeping in mind your budget, you should choose an ENT surgeon with maximum experience. Because when an experienced surgeon performs sinusitis surgery, the risk of side effects or complications during or after surgery is minimal.

02. Type of Surgery

Sinus infection surgery can be done through several procedures. This includes trephination, frontal sinus obliteration and endoscopic surgery. The cost of these procedures varies.

Which of these procedures your doctor chooses depends on your budget, your condition and its severity. Thus the type of surgery can affect the cost of your sinusitis surgery.

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03. Reliability of the Hospital

Sinus infection surgery is done in many hospitals. The location of the hospital, its credibility with the public, and its track record in sinusitis surgery can also play an important role in your surgery cost. Which city and hospital you want to have sinusitis surgery in, etc. will affect your surgery cost.

04. Additional Surgery

In some cases surgery for sinusitis may be required as well as rhinoplasty surgery. In this way, the cost of your surgery may increase. Therefore, before undergoing surgery, you should have a proper examination of your disease. Also, talk to your doctor about its surgery.

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After observing the condition of your sinus infection, the doctor can confirm that you only need one surgery or both surgeries may be needed.

05. Post-Surgery Medicines

After surgery for sinusitis, there is a need to take medicines for a long time. After this surgery, the cost of medicines also adds to the cost of your surgery. You can talk to your doctor about how many months you have to take medicines after sinusitis surgery.

06. Follow-ups Meeting

For the next few months after surgery for sinusitis, you will need to have follow-up meetings with your doctor approximately every one week to confirm that you are recovering well. You may have to pay a separate fee for each follow-up meeting, which may affect the cost of your sinus infection surgery.

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Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are many other factors that can affect the cost of sinusitis surgery in a big way. This includes pre-surgery tests and post-surgery hospitalizations, if needed. If you want to know about the estimated cost of sinusitis surgery, then you can take the help of the above mentioned points.

Get Sinusitis Surgery done at Pristine Care Clinic

If you want to get cost effective sinusitis surgery without any hassle at top rated clinic in your city or nearby. Pristine Care can contact.

The modern and advanced functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in our clinic provides precise treatment for Sinusitis. Following are the advantages of having sinusitis surgery in our clinic:-

01. Experienced and reliable surgeon

Our ENT surgeon has an experience of 8-10 years in Sinusitis surgery. These surgeons have performed many successful endoscopic surgeries for sinusitis so far. If you want to get your surgery done by an experienced, skilled and reliable ENT surgeon then Pristine Care can be a better option for you.

02. One Day Process

Usually after surgery for sinusitis in another clinic, the patient needs hospitalization. But in our clinic this surgery is done with advanced endoscopic procedure. Therefore, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the surgery. Within a few hours after the surgery is over, the patient is discharged after prescribing the necessary medicines.

03. Free Pickup and Drop Facility

We provide free pick up and drop facility to the patients on the day of Sinusitis surgery. This includes bringing the patient from home to the hospital before surgery and leaving the hospital back home after the surgery is over. With free pickup and drop, we ensure that the patient does not have to worry about travel and travel safety on the day of surgery.

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04. Upto 30% Off On All Inquiries

Apart from offering free pickup and drop, we also offer patients up to 30% off on all pre-surgery checkups. This provides relief in the overall cost of surgery for the patient.

05. Free Follow-ups Meeting

After surgery for sinusitis, the patient has to have follow-up meetings with their doctor at intervals of a week to a few months so that the doctor can track the patient’s recovery. Free follow-ups meetings are available in our clinic for a few days post surgery.

If you have any problems or questions after sinusitis surgery, you can consult your doctor about it and you will not have to pay extra money for this.

06. All Insurances are covered

All insurances are covered in our clinic. Even you can claim 100% insurance. If you have health insurance, then with its help you can reduce your out of pocket expenses to a great extent. Because some percentage of the surgery cost may be covered by your insurance.

Apart from all this, zero EMI facility is also available in our clinic. There is no advance payment and you do not need to complete any paperwork in the hospital. Because our team completes all the paperwork on your behalf. Plus, always with you from the start of your surgery to the discharge process. If you want to get the best cost effective treatment for Sinusitis in your city then you can contact us now.

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