What is the remedy to get rid of piles wart?

bawasir ke masse ko jad se kaise khatam kare

Laziness and disordered eating habits due to increasing resources are continuously helping in increasing the number of piles patients. This is the reason that today’s young generation along with adults are also drawn towards this painful disease.

In piles, the swelling of the veins in the anal region leads to the formation of warts. These warts appear to be swollen, filled with blood or pus. With the passage of time, the size of the wart also increases. In other words, there is a continuous increase in the grade of piles.

Many people try home remedies to get rid of hemorrhoids from the root, some of them see a reduction in the symptoms of hemorrhoids (in grade 1 or lower hemorrhoids) and some people do not benefit at all. it happens. The reason is obvious, home remedies cannot eliminate warts forever.

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What is the remedy to get rid of piles wart?


If we talk about eliminating hemorrhoids from the root, then surgery is the best option, but some cases have also been seen that if the grade of piles is low, then after diagnosis, doctors recommend medicines which reduce the size of the warts. Reduces and eliminates piles.

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Surgery is the only remedy that can eliminate piles warts from the root. But you should use your cleverness while choosing piles surgery.

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Due to modern technology, many advanced techniques are available to treat piles today. Following are the surgical treatment options for piles:

  • open surgery
  • laser surgery
  • stapler surgery
  • rubber band ligation
  • alkali sutra surgery

For the treatment you should opt for laser surgery.

Laser surgery is the solution to get rid of piles wart.

Laser surgery is the best option for permanent removal of painful piles from the anal area. Home remedies cannot cure it permanently.

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Let us know why laser surgery is the best technique for permanent treatment of piles:

  • Root cures in half an hour
  • There is no cut or any bleeding in the anal area during the treatment
  • There is no need to stay in the hospital for a week (patient is discharged within 24 hours)
  • Recovery does not take much time (partial recovery in 2 days and full recovery in 10 days)
  • There is no pain, bleeding, swelling at the time of recovery, usually within 2 days the patient is able to walk and go to the office (may take longer in some cases)
  • Chances of getting hemorrhoids again are almost negligible

Get us diagnosed and treated

If the grade of your piles is not high then our doctor can prescribe some medicines which will help in drying up the warts. We have advanced equipment for diagnosis, which allows accurate assessment of the severity of piles and accordingly our doctors recommend surgery or prescription drugs.

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If surgery is required, our experienced rectal specialist opts for the laser procedure. The latest and advanced equipment is used during the procedure, due to which the possibility of post-procedure pain and complications during recovery is minimal or negligible.

We and our experienced doctors are well-known in more than 30 cities for proper diagnosis and treatment of piles. You can call us or book an appointment.

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Treatment of piles with medicines takes a lot of time and during the treatment you need to exercise a lot of restraint in your diet and lifestyle. If the grade level of piles is more than 1 then the medicines will not work. So before using the medicines you should go to the doctor to diagnose (test) piles. The anesthesiologist will examine the anal area thoroughly and recommend the right treatment. Laser surgery is a safe option for root treatment of piles.

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