IVF in government hospitals: Hospital name, cost, and more

IVF treatment in government hospitals - IVF treatment in government hospital

When a woman is unable to reach the cycle of pregnancy naturally, it is called infertility. In order for a woman to become a mother, the causes of sterility are properly diagnosed and then with the help of assisted reproductive techniques, pregnancy is attempted.

IVF is also an assisted reproductive technology that is more effective than other methods. In this technique the embryo is created in the lab and the embryo is directly inserted into the woman’s uterus.

Now government hospitals in India also carry out IVF treatment. In this article, we will know about the names, cost and success rate of top government IVF hospitals in India.

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Government IVF Hospitals in India

Here are the best government hospitals in India that offer IVF treatment:

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

AIIMS is the best medical institute in India which is present in more than 20 cities. It is a government hospital and medical college where IVF treatment is done.

AIIMS is known for its best IVF procedures, diagnostics and world class facilities continuously since last 10 years. Knowledge and technology exchange between the world’s trusted IVF center and AIIMS continues to make advanced treatment possible.

The average cost of an IVF cycle at AIIMS is ₹60,000. The success rate is 30-35%.

Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital

This is the first gynecology center set up by Delhi government where IVF treatment takes place. This center is located at Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Delhi.

The success rate of this hospital is around 35%. The average cost of IVF treatment in this hospital is 60 to 62 thousand rupees.

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SAT Hospital Fertility Center

This fertility clinic is located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This is also a government clinic. This fertility clinic delivered an IVF baby for the first time in 2013. Since then many people have had successful IVF treatment here.

Here the average cost of IVF is 60 to 80 thousand rupees.

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Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital

This 187 bedded Government Gynecological Institute is also known for IVF treatment. It is located in Dilshad Garden, Delhi.

Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital offers IVF treatment at moderate cost. The average cost of IVF treatment here is Rs.65 thousand. The success rate of this clinic is 40-45%.

Government Test Tube Baby Center Number

Till now the government has not released the number of government test tube baby center. We will update you here once the helpline is released.

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Pristyn Care Fertility Clinic

Pristyn Care is a private clinic that provides affordable IVF treatment at affordable cost. With the most advanced technology and facilities around the world, an experienced fertility doctor treats you, thereby increasing your chances of IVF being successful.

We understand how expensive and troublesome IVF treatment can be. We provide support at each stage of the treatment to help you overcome this problem. To help you enjoy parenthood, we get tested and treated by some of the most experienced fertility experts in the country.

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There are many government hospitals in India that do IVF treatment. Since these are government jobs, you can see long queues outside the hospital every day. There is a huge crowd and people wait for hours for their turn to come.

Pristyn Care Fertility Clinic in your city offers hassle free IVF treatment with all facilities. The success rate of Pristyn Care fertility clinic is high as compared to other government or private hospitals.

We provide pre-booking facility to avoid the rush. Due to this, the patient does not have to wait in line for hours. We provide a wide range of free features that help you reduce your expenses. You can call us to know more.

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