T-Mobile’s Galaxy S21 series getting camera fixes in latest update

T-Mobile's Galaxy S21 series getting camera fixes in latest update

Although the Galaxy S21 is Samsung’s flagship smartphone, many customers reported issues with the camera. The problem affected all Galaxy S21 series phones, including the S21+ and S21 Ultra, and while Samsung did try to fix it via consecutive updates, not everyone got the update at the same time.

The main issue with the Galaxy S21’s camera is that it was lagging when you’d switch between different zoom levels. Even browsing through the camera app would make the phone stutter. Although Samsung acknowledged the issues and promised to address them, some T-Mobile customers had to wait one or event two months to get the update.

The latest G99xUSQU4AUF5 firmware update includes not just camera improvements, but also a new security patch along with other minor tweaks. You can find below the very short changelog courtesy to Reddit user claw723:

  • The performance camera has been improved
  • Overall device performance has been improved
  • June 2021 security patch

The update weighs in at 400MB and should be available for all T-Mobile Galaxy S21 series smartphones in the coming days (if not already).

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