How does laparoscopic surgery ease the process of removal of the uterus?

There are various surgical procedures to remove the uterus. Laparoscopic surgery is one of them. Among various surgical procedures, doctors recommend laparoscopic surgery to remove the uterus.

In fact, laparoscopic surgery is a safe, simple and less time-consuming surgical procedure among all the available methods of surgery to remove the uterus, which does not affect the patient’s health much. Let us know how laparoscopic surgery makes uterus removal surgery easier.

What is laparoscopic surgery to remove the uterus? What is laparoscopic hysterectomy in hindi?

It is an advanced and latest surgical procedure, in which the doctor removes the uterus through a very small cut with the help of a laparoscope. To remove the uterus, 3 or 4 small cuts are made in the lower part of the woman’s abdomen, less than half an inch in size.

It is a simpler and safer procedure than open surgery to remove the uterus.

How Laparoscopic Surgery Makes Uterine Removal Surgery Easier

There are many reasons that prompt a doctor to opt for laparoscopic surgery to remove the uterus. Let us know why this treatment method is considered an easy surgical method to remove the uterus.

short cut

In a laparoscopic hysterectomy, about 3 very small (in some cases more cuts) cuts are made in the lower abdomen. In open surgery a large incision is made. This is the reason why a woman needs to stay in the hospital longer after open surgery whereas a woman can go home within 24 hours after a laparoscopic hysterectomy. This procedure comes under the minimally invasive technique.

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fast recovery

Due to the small size of the cuts, it takes very little time for the skin to heal and recovery is quick. After 48 hours of laparoscopic surgery, a woman can start walking. Whereas after open surgery to remove the uterus, it takes a longer time for a woman to recover and it takes about 7 days to move around.

no bleeding

Being a minimally invasive technique, there is almost no bleeding during the removal of the uterus. The chances of bleeding during the post-surgery recovery time are also zero.

uncomplicated treatment

Laparoscopic hysterectomy is a safe procedure. Due to the use of advanced equipment, there are no complications during the treatment. Even after the surgery, the woman does not face any problem and the woman recovers without any complications. The chances of many complications like infection, inflammation etc. in recovery are zero. Whereas in open hysterectomy, there is a possibility of infection, swelling, pain, pus formation, etc.

no damage to organs

Due to the very small cut and the process is completed under the supervision of a smart computer, there is no harm to the organs around the uterus. Although there is no chance of damage to organs even in open surgery, laparoscopic procedure is safer in this case.

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Pristyn Care Makes the Uterus Removal Procedure Easier

If you want to make your surgical journey easier along with availing the benefits of Laparoscopic surgery pan India then we can be the best option for you. We offer the following facilities that make the surgical journey smoother for women having hysterectomy.

Most Experienced Gynecologist Surgeon

An experienced surgeon is essential to make the surgical journey smoother, to make the surgery successful and to ensure treatment that is complicated. We have the best and experienced laparoscopic surgeons to ensure that the woman does not face any complications during or after the procedure.

use of advanced equipment

All the equipments used during uterine removal surgery are equipped with advanced technology and latest. Due to this, the doctor does not face any problem in performing the surgery and there is no damage to the organs. All equipment is sterilized prior to treatment.

No cost EMI facility

There are many women who do not have enough money to undergo hysterectomy. We offer no cost EMI option to our patients.

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Free follow ups and free cabs

We provide free follow ups after hysterectomy to ensure that the woman is completely healthy. Apart from this, free cab facility is provided to bring them to the hospital on the day of treatment and drop them home after discharge.

all kinds of paperwork

You don’t have to worry about making an appointment for surgery, standing in line for admission, doing paperwork required for surgery, etc. Our team does all your paperwork at every step from admission to discharge.

Up To 30% Off On Diagnostics

A 30% discount is offered on all pre-hysterectomy screening procedures for financial support.

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insurance claim

If the woman is an insurance holder, then she can claim for the operation to remove the uterus. Our insurance team does all the paperwork in getting the insurance claim done and the approval is received within half an hour. With the help of insurance, you can save a lot of your pocket money.

We are well known in more than 30 cities in India to provide women with a complication free and hassle free surgical experience in this way.


Laparoscopic surgery is the best treatment method for uterus removal. Due to the small cut in this procedure, it takes less time for the woman to recover. Less chance of complications, no bleeding, no damage to organs, etc. are some of its other advantages.

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