Netflix: How to use the new ‘My List’ feature on your smartphone

Netflix’s new ‘My List’ feature lets you create a personalized watchlist of movies and TV series by adding them to your own list. The list then gets ordered automatically, showing you the latest titles and episodes on top. When adding titles to your list, Netflix also learns your preferences better and recommends more series and films you might enjoy.

Here’s how to use the feature on your Netflix account

To use the My List feature, first log in to your Netflix account using either the smartphone app, a web browser or a Smart TV. Then follow the instructions below according to the device you have.

On Netflix via browser: Place the cursor on the title you want to add and select the ‘plus’ icon.

On mobile: For Android – select the title you want to add, select ‘Details & More’ and then tap on the ‘plus’ icon. For iOS – select the title you want to add and tap on the ‘plus’ icon.

On TV: Select the title you want to add and then select the ‘Add to My List’ option.

Note that when you hit the ‘remind me’ option for an upcoming film or series, it automatically gets added to ‘My List’ when the title becomes available. You can find the ‘My List’ feature at the top left of your homepage or you can scroll down to the ‘My List’ row. It is also available within the ‘Profiles & More’ option and on the navigation bar on the mobile app and on the ‘menu’ option on the left side of your home page on TV.

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