Poll: Steve Jobs was right, nobody needs a stylus. Do you?

Steve Jobs was right, nobody needs a stylus. Do you?

Now that I’ve got your attention with this headline, let’s get to it. In my defense, it was a collaborative effort between my colleagues and me. Still, a fair question – do people need a stylus with their phone?

I know I don’t – I prefer to operate my overly-compact phones one-handed. That’s kind of an exception, though. I know people prefer large phones, and if you’re accustomed to using both your hands with a 6.7-inch monster of a phone, a stylus can enhance the experience, I guess.

I have friends (accountants!) who swear by their Galaxy Note devices because – spreadsheets! Not everyone is so fond of their Excel spreadsheets, though. What about people who have a talent in fine arts? I can’t draw a realistic picture of an animal for the life of me but I guess a good stylus can do wonders for those of you who can.

With the Galaxy Note lineup probably going extinct, things are not looking good for my accountant friends. But do you really need a stylus with your phone? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments below.

We’re gonna sum this up on Friday and send Samsung the results with our regards and some spreadsheets!

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