Can kerosene oil be used for permanent treatment of piles?

Can hemorrhoids be treated with kerosene?

In ancient times, petroleum products, including kerosene, were used in many ways for medical problems. Kerosene oil was used as an antiseptic for cuts or scratches.

Kerosene was used as a well-known remedy to kill head lice, to protect cracked or infected hooves from infection in animals, and even to cut scallions. It was used as a lotion in worm infections.

But with the expansion of science, new discoveries have been made and many ancient remedies have proved to be fatal. Can hemorrhoids be treated with kerosene? If yes then how and if not why? Today we will know the answer to this question.

Also we will see some case reports in which kerosene oil was used as a treatment for piles from piles patients.

Can hemorrhoids be treated with kerosene?

Hemorrhoids should not be treated with kerosene. It harms the body in many ways and sometimes it can prove to be fatal. There have also been a few reports in which the patient has died due to the use of kerosene.

Kerosene is one of the toxic hydrocarbons that many people seek to treat hemorrhoids by applying it to the skin, inhaling or drinking it. Especially people living in rural areas use this recipe a lot. Due to this, many types of risks can be seen in the body.

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After prolonged exposure to kerosene, side effects on the nervous system, decreased immune system function, autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies, infertility, miscarriage, and learning disabilities, including mental retardation and increased activity, Attention disorders were observed.

case report

A 39-year-old male was using kerosene injection for the last 6 days to treat his external hemorrhoids. Suddenly there was swelling in his testicles, pain and difficulty in stopping urination, then he went to the hospital.

During diagnosis, it was found that part of his sole was bent down (foot drop) and he was finding it difficult to keep the sole in one position. Along with this, he showed symptoms of Caudalequin syndrome (a disease in which there is pressure in the spinal nerve, requiring immediate surgery).

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Electromyography revealed demyelination and degeneration of the deep peroneal nerve present in both sides of the knee.

At the same time, in one case, the patient died after injecting kerosene oil on his hemorrhoids. The doctor tried his best to save him but he died of heart attack within 24 hours. [1].

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These disadvantages can be due to the treatment of piles with kerosene

  • Putting kerosene on the hemorrhoidal wart with the help of a syringe can lead to contamination of the blood. Some serious and life-threatening complications can occur due to damage to blood vessels, necrosis (tissue death of the affected area), infection, etc.
  • urine retention
  • Foot drop (no strength left in the sole)
  • peroneal nerve paralysis
  • skin irritation and redness

I have injected kerosene on piles wart, what should I do now

If you are reading this post after using kerosene then there is no need to panic. You can reduce the risk by trying the following tips:

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when applied to the upper skin

If you have applied kerosene oil as a paste on the piles, then clean it immediately with soap. If the burning, itching and redness do not get relief after an hour, go to the doctor. If you have piles cream then apply it.

by injection

Many people inject kerosene into the wart with the help of a syringe. This can cause many serious problems. In such a situation you should go to the doctor without delay. They will give you some medicines that will help reduce the effects of the kerosene.

Do not delay in visiting the doctor

Most people go to the doctor when they are tired of treating hemorrhoids with home remedies and they do not get any relief. By then the grade of the piles is above normal.

If you have been suffering from piles recently, do not delay in getting a diagnosis from a doctor. The doctor will evaluate the grade of the hemorrhoid and determine the correct treatment. You can avoid surgery if you see the doctor at the right time.

If you want to consult our doctor online then you can give us a call.

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treat us

We are well known in more than 30 cities of India for the treatment of piles. Our experienced rectal pathologists diagnose the anal area accurately and then choose the right treatment option.

Surgery is not performed if medicines and lifestyle changes are sufficient for treatment. Doctors opt for laser surgery when it is the exact opposite or if the stage of piles is severe. All the instruments used for the surgery are equipped with the latest technology. The surgeons operating these have experience of more than 15 years which makes the chances of post surgery complications almost zero.

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Hemorrhoids cannot be treated with the help of kerosene. By using it, a person may have to face many health related problems. If you see the symptoms of piles, you should get diagnosed with the doctor and take the right treatment according to his advice. If you want to contact best piles doctor then you can call us.

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