IVF Treatment Options! Do you need IVF?

IVF treatment key options kya hain

People run towards IVF treatment when they are unable to conceive, but the question arises that do you really need IVF treatment?

IVF is a fertility treatment method involved in artificial reproductive treatment. Like IVF, there are many other fertility treatment methods that we can use as an alternative to IVF.

Generally, not every couple with a fertility disorder needs IVF. Some couples are able to conceive successfully without IVF treatment, although for many it is the last option of conception.

In this article, we will know what are the other IVF treatment options and when do you really need it?

ivf treatment options


Many times a woman is not able to conceive because the hormones necessary for pregnancy in her body are unbalanced. If after diagnosing infertility, the doctor thinks that hormonal medications, injections, etc. can help the woman conceive, he or she will give you some special hormonal medicines.

In some women’s body, there is a lack of nutrients necessary for conception, in such a situation, the doctor will recommend some special supplements.

Ovulation induction may be helpful for women who do not ovulate regularly or at all (eg, women with PCOS). Ovulation induction is a type of hormonal therapy used to release eggs from the ovaries and activate ovulation.

In the case of male infertility, sometimes men may also need hormonal therapy.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination proves to be an effective treatment if the woman’s ovulation time is correct. In most cases, fertility specialists recommend this treatment method when there is a cyst in an ovary or if the quality of the man’s semen is low.

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Sometimes this treatment method can be advised even if there is an ovulation disorder. In such a situation, doctors trigger ovulation and give some hormonal injections for stimulation.

It is a very simple procedure that does not cause any pain or discomfort to the woman. The process is also very cheap.

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reproductive surgery

Minimal invasive surgery can be helpful in conceiving if a woman is unable to get pregnant due to abnormal conditions such as fibroids in the fallopian tubes, ovaries or uterus, such as endometriosis.

If the sperm count in the man’s semen is low, the sperm can be removed by injection. In the case of varicocele, doctors perform surgery and a few days after the surgery, the semen of the man is ready to have a child.

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Increase your natural fertility

Both men and women should pay attention to their diet. If there is a lack of essential nutrients in the diet, then after the advice of a fertility doctor, you should take the advice of supplements or multivitamin tablets.

If you are undergoing fertility treatment then these will prove to be very beneficial for you.

If there is trouble in pregnancy due to lack of nutrients in diet, then it will become a matter.

It is to be noted that you have to consume these supplements as per the advice of the fertility doctor. If they say that apart from this you will need other treatment methods to conceive, then definitely listen to them.

When is IVF treatment needed?

IVF is required to produce a child when the above fertility treatment options have failed continuously or there is no chance of pregnancy from them.

As we said above – many couples suffering from fertility disorders are able to conceive without IVF. If you are one of them then good luck to you!

So before IVF treatment consult your fertility doctor thoroughly and make sure whether your fertility treatment can be done with the help of other methods? Or not! If it is possible then you should not opt ​​for IVF.

IVF should be chosen only after other fertility treatment options have consistently failed.

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Most of the women in India are unable to get pregnant due to PCOS/PCOD and in this case hormonal therapy can be useful.

Therefore, first of all, find out the reason for your infertility and choose the right treatment option as per the doctor’s advice on the basis of the reason!

If you are undergoing IVF treatment and you have been unsuccessful after one IVF cycle, there is no need to panic. In the next cycle, you can increase your chances of conceiving manifold.

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Infertility treatment can be done with Pristyn Care

The doctors at Pristyn Care are well-known for providing fertility treatment to couples suffering from infertility. Our fertility doctors thoroughly diagnose female and male infertility and choose the right fertility treatment based on the outcome.

In most cases, IUI, hormonal medications, or surgery can be effective. In such circumstances, they will not recommend IVF treatment. If you want to know the real cause of your infertility and get the right treatment, book your appointment or call Pristyn Care today.


In some cases of fertility disorders, there is no need for IVF. Other fertility treatment methods can help with conception. However, in some cases IVF treatment is necessary for successful conception. Our doctors diagnose female and male infertility and provide the right treatment to the couple.

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