xScreen will turn the Xbox Series S into a portable gaming device: Here’s what it promises

The Xbox Series S is a relatively compact and lightweight console to carry when compared to the competition. Keeping this in mind, UPspec Gaming has developed a screen which will essentially attach to the device and will allow users to play games on the go. The Kickstarter for the device is said to have been fully funded in just 20 minutes after the project went live on the crowdfunding website.

xScreen is an attachable screen that converts the Xbox Series S into a laptop-like design. This will be especially useful when one decide to play games on the Xbox Series S and is on move and cannot connect the console to a TV or monitor. The device features an 11.6-inch 1080p IPS screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz. It comes with in-built speakers and the screen plugs directly into both the HDMI and USB ports on the back of the Series S.

The xScreen also comes with a pass-through, so the device won’t get in the way when you need to plug in the power cable or a storage expansion card into your Series S. The company says that the screen doesn’t require its own power source, and you will not have to modify your Series S in any way. The final model will be designed to match the colour and finish of the Series S case.

The design allows you to fold the screen onto the console for easy portability. When the xScreen is connected to the Xbox Series S, it is said to be able to fit inside a 15-inch laptop bag according to UPspec.

Though the device is priced at $249 AU, the Kickstarter page mentions that delivery for the xScreen is expected for January 2022.

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