Alleged iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases show off even bigger camera bumps

Alleged iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max cases show off even bigger camera bumps

UPDATE: More iPhone 13 Pro cases have leaked alongside alleged iPhone 13 cases. The updated story continues below.


The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are both expected to feature big camera upgrades that’ll lead to even larger camera modules. Now, alleged iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases show exactly what we should expect.

iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro

An image shared on UnclePanPan’s Weibo account (via DuanRui) shows the smaller iPhone 12 Pro wearing what’s claimed to be a silicone case designed specifically for the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro.The case in question seems to fit the current-gen flagship perfectly, though the rear camera cutout is significantly larger. If the dimensions are accurate, the camera bump will occupy more than half of the iPhone 13 Pro’s rear panel on the horizontal axis.

One big reason for the larger iPhone 13 Pro cameras should be the introduction of sensor-shift stabilization technology, something that was reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year and is likely to bring stabilization to all cameras on the iPhone 13 line. 

Apple is also rumored to be working on larger camera sensors that could enable improvements across the board by capturing even more light. Ultimately, though, we’ll have to wait until September to find out the full details of Apple’s plans and whether the iPhone 13 Pro is the best camera phone of 2021.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max 

Apple is planning similar camera sensor upgrades for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and alleged cases suggest its bump will also be getting bigger, although the planned changes are rather minimal.

Sensor-shift stabilization is the main reason for the bigger bump on the smaller iPhone 13 Pro. But it was already present on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so the size of the individual sensors is the main thing impacting the iPhone 13 Pro Max bump.

The images seen below suggest that Apple is expanding the bump in all directions, meaning you can expect the same square-shaped design that we’ve known for the past two years, just a bigger version of it.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 

Lastly, and in addition to the Pro-branded models, Apple is developing two slightly more affordable models — the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini — to succeed the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini
These will adopt an updated camera module complete with a new diagonal layout, if the alleged cases (via DuanRui) are accurate. The cutouts indicate that while the overall camera module won’t be much bigger than before, the actual sensors will be thanks to the aforementioned upgrades. 

The switch to a diagonal setup means that Apple can fit noticeably bigger components into a bump that’s not much bigger than before. 

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