Godrej Aer Smart Matic review: Smart way to smell good

We are in the ‘smart everything’ era for sure. Now you can control anything using a smartphone, even an air freshener. The Godrej Aer Smart Matic is just that — a device that dispenses room freshener and can be controlled smartly using a smartphone app. This despite the fact that the entire gig costs just Rs 799.

The Smart Matic is a medium-sized pod you can place on any table or book shelf. It has just a power button and the ability to select the gap between the sprays — 10, 20 or 40 minutes.

But you can download the Godrej Aer app and easily control this device too. Once the app is set up, it detects the Smart Matic in a few seconds. The connection is made and you can schedule when you want it to spray. You can also select the frequency.

I initially selected 10 minutes and the device would spray out its fragrance as expected. You hear a small spraying sound when this happens, loud enough for you to think someone is calling you in a very Indian way. Also, unless your house it practically stinking, the 10-minute frequency might be an overkill.

Godrej Aer Smart matic, room freshner, Godrej, Godrej app, You can download the Godrej Aer app and easily control the room freshener.

The app also lets you set up multiple Smart Matics in the house and give them names as per their location. You can also spray right away if there has been a catastrophe of the olfactory kind.

The app also tells you how much liquid is left in the can inside and order refills directly. Each refill costs Rs 275 more. Anyway the company promises 2,200 sprays in each can.

My only issue with the entire set up is the amount of detail the app wants to start with. The only thing it did not ask for seems to be my Aadhar. I thought this was completely unnecessary, and a little bit worrying, for an app that is there to control a perfume dispenser. Sadly, there is no way to bypass this data trawling.

The Godrej Aer Smart Matic is a very affordable gadget that can improve the quality of life in your home for sure. It works very well and is as smart as a device of this kind needs to be. I’m getting more for the other rooms in my house.

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