Nintendo and Tag Heuer are making a Super Mario watch

Nintendo is teaming up with luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer to collaborate on a new product, a Super-Mario-themed watch. The watchmaker recently revealed the first hint of the product in a tweet that shows a psychedelic image and mentions the watch in the caption.

The tweet also “power-up on July 13th” also giving us the launch date for the new product. However, the tweet also comes with a link to a countdown page for July 15 at 10 AM ET. So, it is not exactly clear when exactly the watch could launch. Check out the tweet below.

That question should be answered on July 13 itself. We could perhaps see an unveiling on July 13 but the first sale could take place on July 15.

There are not a lot of other details currently available for the watch, including pricing. However, considering the luxury brand’s track record of expensive watches, the Super Mario edition isn’t expected to be cheap. It is also not clear how the watch will look like, with design languages from Nintendo and Tag Heuer being quite far apart.

How can you get the watch?

Tag Heuer’s tweet mentions that users who want to get their hands on the watch can get themselves registered online for an early access pass. The registration can be done on the Tag Heuer website. Further details should be revealed on July 13 during the launch.

Nintendo also launched the new model for its portable Switch console, the Switch OLED earlier this week. The new Switch comes with a larger 7-inch OLED screen along with a new dock and some design changes, but largely similar internal specifications. Still capable of 720p gameplay, the Switch OLED can go to 1080p in TV mode. You can read all about the new console here.

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