Free Gmail users now have a 60-minute group call limit for Google Meet

Free Gmail users now have a 60-minute group call limit for Google Meet

Since last year, group calls on Google Meet for free accounts had a duration of up to an entire day, a “promotion” that was put in place due to the public health situation. This free offer was already extended twice, and now, 9to5Google reports that it is no longer valid.

Free Gmail users will now have a 60-minute limit for group calls

Calls with 3 or more participants are considered group calls, and now, if the organizer of the meeting has a free Gmail account, the meeting will have to end in 60 minutes. At the 55-minute mark, participants are advised the call will have to terminate in 5 minutes.

If the organizer wants to extend the meeting, they will have to have a paid Google account from now on. The advertised option is a Workspace Individual subscription for $9.99 a month (available in five countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and soon Australia) and the call can go on for up to a day.

However, the one-on-one calls limit is still 24 hours even for free Gmail users.

Earlier, due to the public health crisis that had us all (or almost all) working from home, the 60-minute limit for free Gmail users’ group calls got lifted. That “promotion” period got extended once to September 30, 2020, and once again to June 30, 2021. However, it did not get bumped again.

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