Apple Glass AR to debut at WWDC 2022 with iPod 8 sidekick in tow

Apple to introduce Apple Glass AR at WWDC 2022 with new companion iPod

That’s right, the ever insider-y Robert Scobble has tips through the grapevine that Apple will be introducing its virtual reality headgear next year at long last, and it will be accompanied by a new iPod that will be used as a sidekick device to the Apple Glass AR as a Christmas stocking stuffer tandem.

Apple Glass VR and iPod 2022 release date

According to the Scobleizer, the Apple Glass VR “will launch at WWDC next year because the new iPod will be a huge deal for Christmas.” 

Previously, we’ve only heard that Apple Glass will be launching next year, but the WWDC 2022 timing makes perfect sense, as that’s Apple’s annual developer conference where it will probably introduce the brand new device line to its app and software army to fill with purpose as they see fit.

Now, what will the role of the new iPod 2022 be, is anyone’s guess, but Mr Scobble chimes in that “the iPod introduces many of the experiences you will more fully experience by Christmas of 2022 in the headset and expect them to work together.”

Rumor had the smart glasses pegged for H1 release, though, so the Christmas mention seems a bit off here, unless the goal is to release the Apple Glass AR first, and then the companion iPod 2022 in the fall as an auxiliary device that will add more functionality to the 5G-enabled headgear.

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