Google to take on the Oppo X with a rollable display phone, right after the Pixel Fold

Google to launch a rollable display phone after the Pixel Fold, taking on the Oppo X

Google will be jumping on the bendy phones bandwagon with full force, it seems, as, just when we learned that it will release a Google Pixel Fold later this year, it becomes clear that the there may also be a Google Pixel Roll on the horizon. 

Pixel Roll has such a nice ring to it. It is in our forecast, but not expected in next 12 months… Pixel Fold will come first at end of 2021,” he quips nonchalantly, and coming from the guy who predicted 120Hz LTPO displays on iPhones and Galaxies, we ought to listen.

Google entering the still non-existent rollable display phone market will certainly give it the jolt that Samsung, as the near-exclusive supplier of bendy displays for such phones, hopes will be achieved by having a healthy competition in the area. 

Who knows, next year phones with bendy displays may finally become so mainstream that all our collective gaze will be towards exotics like rollable screen handsets. We just hope that the prices won’t be many times above regular phones, as is the case with LG’s rollable TV that just landed in the US for the yearly income of some.

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