Google’s new feature for iOS will let you delete web activity in the last 15 Minutes

Google has launched its newest privacy feature that allows users to quickly delete their last 15 minutes of saved search history. The new feature is now available in the Google app on iOS and will start rolling out for Android devices later this year. The feature was first announced at Google I/O in May and is now making its way to iOS devices.

The feature is especially useful in cases where you share your device with other people and don’t want to go into settings to manually delete history.

The Google app will also automatically clear your search activity every three,18 or 36 months, if you enable this option. Google sets the time frame at 18 months by default. You can change it by heading to the Google app, tapping on your profile icon and then Search history.

In a recent blog post, Google stated that the feature has starting rolling for the Google app on iOS. The new feature brings a ‘Delete last 15 mins’ option in the app that will allow you to you quickly clear your Web and app activity history for the last 15 minutes.

The option can be accessed via the Google app on iOS when you tap on your profile. Google also offers an incognito mode for searching and an auto-delete feature, but this new option makes things a bit simpler.

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