The OnePlus Nord 2 5G: Packed with AI, launching with AR

With the same old boring specs and numbers being recited over and over, it seems like innovation in the smartphone world has hit saturation point. Most brands have been more focused on bringing numbers to the table than real functionality. But there is a brand that has vowed to never settle and keeps pushing the boundaries. Of course, we are talking about OnePlus, a smartphone brand that has revolutionized the way we see, buy and use flagship killer and premium smartphones.

After the success of the Nord 5G and the Nord CE 5G, OnePlus will soon be adding a new smartphone to the immensely popular Nord series, a successor of the iconic Nord 5G– the Nord 2 5G. But this time around, OnePlus is going to be adding more to an already unbeatable combination of powerful specs, premium looks and a competitive price.

Sounds a little impossible, right? Well, it might as well be for other brands out there, but if there is a brand that can add to this already jam-packed deal, it has to be OnePlus.

With OnePlus, to be getting a head turning design, great specs at an unbeatable price tag is pretty much a given. But what is not given is what OnePlus adding to this already compelling product. The Nord 2 5G will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI processor, a flagship processor that will cater to all your smartphone-ing needs without breaking a sweat. That is impressive, but hardly surprising, right? It is the suffix attached to its name that will take your Nord-ing experience to a different dimension all together (quite literally). OnePlus along with MediaTek worked to create this special processor which is going to offer users a new set of artificial intelligence (AI) based features that will take your smartphone experience beyond basic numbers and specs. There are other phones with the Dimensity 1200 chip in the market, but none of them work like the Nord 2 5G.

That is because the addition of AI in the chip’s name is not a marketing gimmick. OnePlus and MediaTek have made sure that the impact of AI is folded into every single layer of the new Nord’s existence starting with the display itself. The 6.4 3-inch AMOLED display with 90 Hz refresh rate on the Nord 2 5G will come with features like AI Resolution Boost and AI Color Boost that will further build the high-end AMOLED display experience that one gets. You will be able to feel the AI effect on the cameras of the Nord 2 5G as well. The triple camera arrangement on the device is led by the mighty 50-megapixel Sony IMX 766 sensor (the same one present on the premium OnePlus 9 series) and comes with AI heavy features like AI photo enhancement, AI video enhancement, Nightscape Ultra, all of which together will enrich your photography journey. The collaboration between OnePlus and MediaTek has also improved the processing speeds and image stabilization on the smartphone. The result is Dimensity 1200 experience that you will not find on any other phone running on the same chipset.

But the Never Settling does not stop here.

If the Nord 2 5G comes with AI, its launch comes with AR. OnePlus and AR go back some way – many of you might remember the launch event of the OnePlus Nord 5G wherein the brand allowed its viewers to experience the Nord 5G in AR. And the Nord 2 5G launch has a dose of this technology as well. To make the launch of the new Nord, OnePlus has come out with Fast and Smooth challenges – extremely thoughtfully designed AR based games that are simple, immersive, and intuitive that would require a great deal of focus.

Starting from July 12 onwards you can take part in a 90 Hz Pinball challenge in which you would have to navigate swiftly through a lane and reach a score of 90 Hz in a particular amount of time. This challenge will go on till July 30. Another challenge called the One Day Power Challenge will be held from July 22 to July 30 where you would have to charge thirty smartphones in a certain time period. These highly immersive games are super simple to play – there is no app to be downloaded or tutorials to be followed. All you have to do is head to on your phone!

Playing these super cool AR challenges also gives you a chance of being part of a special give away. Make it far into the challenges and you will have a shot at winning a brand-new OnePlus Nord 2 5G, as well as a number of other prizes. Winners will be picked every day and there are going to be more than two thousand winners in all from July 12 to July 30. There is absolutely no limit on how many times you can take part in these challenges. As long as you are eighteen or older, living in the UK, Europe or India, you are all set to use AR to get your mitts on the phone with AI!

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