World Emoji Day: Here are the most used emojis on Twitter

Today is World Emoji Day (July 17) and to mark the occasion, Twitter has shared the most popular emojis on the social media platform between January 1 to June 30.  Some of the most popular emojis on Twitter include the tears of joy emoji, praying emoji, crying emoji, thumbs up emoji and ROFL emoji among others.

Emojis have become an integral part of our daily communication online and they help us express ourselves better. Even though emojis have been around for quite a while now,  they are more popular than ever, according to Twitter.

The company says that as part of #WorldEmojiDay in 2020, 695K conversations from 146K unique authors in India were recorded, with a 93% positive/neutral sentiment. Here are the most popular Emojis on Twitter between January 01 – June 30, 2021:

Most used emojis on Twitter in India

😂 (Tears of joy emoji)
🙏 (Praying emoji)
😭 (Crying emoji)
👍 (Thumbs up emoji)
🤣 (ROFL emoji)
😍 (Heart eyes emoji)
🥺 (Pleading face emoji)
😊 (Smile emoji)
🔥 (Fire emoji)
😁 (Grinning face with smiling eyes emoji)

Twitter has also shared popular emojis that people use in conversations about their interests and hobbies. Here are the most popular emojis across different categories.

Sports and Fitness

💪 (Flexed biceps)
🏃 (Runner)
🤸 (Cartwheel)

Hobbies and Activities

📷 (Camera/photography)
🎧 (Headphones/music)
📚 (Books/reading)
🎨 (Colour palette/art)

Food and Drink

🎂 (Birthday cake)
🍻 (Beer mugs)
🍫 (Chocolate bar)
🍟 (French fries)


💯 (100 points)
💐 (Bouquet)
👏 (Clapping Hands/ Applause)
🐐 (G.O.A.T – Greatest of All Time)


🌹 (Rose)
🌅 (Sunrise)
🌞 (Sun with Face)
🌟 (Glowing Star)
🌸 (Cherry Blossom)

Most used emojis related to the pandemic

🙏 (Prayer)
😷 (Wear a mask)
🆘 (SOS)
🏡 (Stay home)
🏥 (Hospital)

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