Internet speeds in India improve for both mobile, fixed broadband in June: Ookla report

Internet speeds in India are improving for both mobile and fixed broadband, according to the latest numbers by Ookla, which is known for its speedtest. India ranked 70 and 122 for fixed broadband and mobile download speeds respectively in the month of June 2021, show Ookla’s numbers.

As per the latest Speedtest Global Index published by Ookla, India has risen up the global ranking index for the third time in the row for mobile internet speeds. Average download speeds for mobile broadband stood at 17.84 Mbps for the month of June compared to 15.34 Mbps in the previous month.

However, the report also makes it clear there is a huge disparity between download and upload speeds on mobile broadband in the country. For the month of June, upload speeds on average were 5.17Mbps, which shows the gap in this segment. 

Still at 122, this is the highest rank that the country has ever seen for mobile broadband speeds. India is said to have shown consistent improvements in mobile download speeds overall in the last two months, according to Ookla. UAE topped this list with an average mobile internet download speed of 193.51 Mbps, followed by South Korea at 180.48 Mbps.

On the other hand, fixed broadband internet speeds first witnessed a small dip in May, followed by a rise in June. The overall fixed download speeds are said to have been the highest at 58.17 Mbps compared to 55.65 Mbps in May 2021 for India. The difference between download and upload speeds is not as wide for fixed broadband. Upload speeds in India on fixed broadband were 54.43Mbps.

Monaco led the world on fixed broadband download speeds with 260.74 Mbps followed by Singapore. 

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