Poll: Do you use the macro camera on your phone?

Do you use the macro camera on your phone?

After the Blind camera comparison we did (reveal to follow shortly), it’s time for another camera-related poll. There’s no denying that phones are looking very similar nowadays – all boast great displays (made by the same company), the latest and greatest chipset, and a premium glass sandwich design. There’s room for debate on any of these – it’s frankly a hall for debate or even a stadium but let’s focus on the camera.

With so many almost “homologated” parts in today’s smartphones, manufacturers logically focus on the camera. It can be the deciding factor, the “make-or-break” thing for most people. This approach has resulted in another arms race between phones.¬†

Hundreds of megapixels, double, triple, quadruple camera systems. But are those really useful? What’s the point of having four cameras on the back, when you’re going to mainly use the main camera (pun intended). And sometimes the ultrawide, perhaps.

There are telephoto lenses, monochrome sensors, depth cameras, and the subject of today’s poll – macro cameras, on the back of modern smartphones. Do you have a macro camera on your phone? And if so, do you use it on a regular basis? I really like macro shots (almost won an award once snapping a confused bee up close with my phone) but I must admit – I rarely use the macro lately, if at all.

Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments below. Is it a gimmick, or an irreplaceable photography tool that helps us express our deepest artistic impulses?

I want more polls!

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