WhatsApp introduces joinable group calls, allows users to drop off and rejoin

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to the app that makes it possible for users to join a group voice call or group video call after it has started. The joinable calls feature makes it possible for people to join group calls when they can by simply going to the app’s ‘Calls’ tab.

The feature also brings a new call info screen with it, which lets users see who is on the call, along with invited users who haven’t joined yet. “Joinable calls reduce the burden of answering a group call as it starts, and brings the spontaneity and ease of in-person conversations to group calling on WhatsApp,” the platform said in a blog post.

Before the new update, users who would miss a call notification would have to ask the caller to add them again. While this method made it possible for someone to join the call later, it was very inconvenient. A caller conversing with those on who joined the call would often miss texts from those who missed it, asking for them to be re-invited.

The new feature leaves it up to the users to decide when they want to join the group call. Further, this also allows users to drop off from an existing call and rejoin later if the call is still ongoing.

The new update will come with a new WhatsApp update that should hit all Android and iOS devices soon. Making group calls is just as easy as before, but users will receive a new notification layout when they’re invited to the call.

Users will now see two options when they’re invited to a group call – ‘Join’ and ‘Ignore’. Hitting Join will take you straight to the call, while choosing Ignore sends the call to your Calls tab in the app. Once you’re free to take the call, you can head over to the ‘Calls’ tab (the pane on the extreme right on the WhatsApp main screen) and jump right into the on-going call.

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